5 Makeup Looks to Go With the Everyday Fashion



How to look naturally beautiful has always been a question, but we know that with the right makeup, some nude lipstick and a little bit of mascara or false lashes you can create a natural bare faced look that will go with everyday fashion. If you are interested in learning about looks that you can just adapt for everyday wear and sleep at night without worrying about what kind of makeup will go with your outfit, then read below for 5 makeup looks to go with everyday fashion:

Strong and Polished Brows


If you have seen Chloe Mortez, you probably think how can she have such a perfect natural look without makeup. Well, all you need to notice is her strong and polished brows. It’s ok if you don’t have perfect brows all you need to do is fill in your brows with pencil or apply a coat of mascara over your brows if you don’t have a pencil. Just this trick will bring in a sea of change in your look. If you just wear simple a bb cream or a moisturizer, polish your brows and apply mascara to your lashes, you’re good to go with a perfect bare skinned makeup look.

Moist Skin


A moist glowing skin never looks bad and it gives that perfect neutral look to your skin. In order to get a dewy skin, just apply base and then a few dabs of highlighter, on your cheeks, tip of your nose, chin and above your brows. If you apply a bit of blusher after this then you have created a perfect rosy natural look for yourself that will go with every outfit!

Long Lashes


If you want to create a beautiful natural everyday look then investing in a mascara that will make your lashes look longer is the way to go. But when you are going for a look that you can wear with everyday fashion online, then it’s better to just elongate your lashes, polish your brows and not put any makeup inside or above your eyes.

Nude Lips


Nude lipsticks are the way to go if you are looking to create a perfect natural makeup look. Although personally I love red-lipstick because it acts as a power weapon if I am not wearing anything else. I can just wear a red lipstick and it will look like I am wearing makeup. But if you are into natural everyday looks then nude lipsticks that go with your complexion are a great choice.

Rosy Cheeks and Caty Eyes


Rosy cheeks are the “forever favourites” of anyone who love makeup. We have easy to apply blushers available in the market. If you want an everyday look that’s not bare minimum, then apply your base or bb cream, your mascara, your eye-liner, polish your brows, apply your blush on and go with a nude lipstick. Voila! This is a look that you can wear throughout the day. Even if you are going to a party in the evening you can touch up your makeup with a highlighter and a darker shade of lipstick and the look will go with anything you wear.

With everyday fashion, it’s always better to go with naturally glowing looks, because if you use all the makeup on casual wear what are you going to wear at events that do need a lot of makeup! Wearing natural everyday looks will help you save the special makeup looks for special occasions. Renowned shopping festivals are only a click away, instead of a flight. Go for online shopping in Dubai or go to your favourite store to pick something casual.

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