5 Important Skincare Tips for 30 Somethings

    While you have spent your 20s experimenting with and exploring new products and styles on your skin, 30s is a different yet a very beautiful phase of ...

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While you have spent your 20s experimenting with and exploring new products and styles on your skin, 30s is a different yet a very beautiful phase of your life. The 30s is the time when you have crossed some major phases of your life like the teenage years, college life and all the struggles of getting a suitable job. You are more settled and mature now and so is your skin and body.  They now have different needs and requirements. You can no longer afford to just crash on your bed after a party, with makeup on. You can’t risk your skin with limitless smoking or booze. It’s time you dedicate more attention and care to your skin to keep it fresh and looking young. Indulging in a healthy beauty regime is the best thing you can do to your skin at this age.

So, follow these 5 beauty tips and thank us when people still mistake you for being in your 20s.

1. Improved cleansing routine


Whereas washing your face with a face wash once a day was fine in your 20s, the same might not help you a lot now. It’s time you develop a practice of cleansing your face twice a day. The skin around this age becomes more sensitive, and hence, more prone to damage. Therefore, washing it with a mild face wash twice a day will ensure that your face is clean and fresh, always.

Along with cleansing the face as a daily routine, scrubbing it once a week will help you open up your skin’s clogged pores. Lastly, to keep your face free from all the dirt and pollution or to cleanse it optimally, apply face masks occasionally. Ladies who have an on-the-go lifestyle can try salon services at home offered by UrbanClap, and get this skincare routine done at home, by a professional.

2. Choose the right cream or lotion

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You must get rid of those heavy skin creams and lotions. Such products can cause clogged pores and subsequently, lead to bad breakouts. Use lightweight lotions and creams that are easy on your skin and still moisturize it adequately. Hence, whether it’s your anti-aging cream or sunscreen, make sure whatever you use every day is light and soothing to your skin.

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3. Sunscreen

Do we even need to mention it? Every woman, by the time she is in her 30s, would know exactly how significant a sunscreen lotion is for her skincare routine. You might not have taken the best care of using sunscreens back in your 20s, and your skin still appeared just fine. But, your 30s will certainly not the time for such a skincare slip-up. Exposure to the sun can cause hyperpigmentation and wrinkles on your skin. So, seven days of the week and in all four seasons, never overlook putting on sunscreen.

 4. Peel off

Because your skin starts to get a little dull while you are in your 30s, skin peeling is one beauty regime you must indulge yourself in for improving the appearance of your face. Skin peeling helps your skin exfoliate, aids in the regeneration of cells, prevents pimples and keeps your skin fresh and clean. While a lot of salons offer this service, UrbanClap is a great platform which provides beauty services at home, at pocket-friendly prices. Because skin peeling is a little-complicated process, you can have a professional at home for the same and get this process done easily. Skin peeling, twice a month, will reduce the aging process drastically for you.

 5. Clean those brushes

You should clean your makeup brushes more often. Though petty, it’s a very important beauty tip that every woman in her 30s must keep at the top of her mind. Your makeup brush, along with leftovers of makeup, also has a lot of dirt, bacteria, and sweat. Hence, such unclean brushes can not only harm your skin but can also cause infections. Make it a part of your Sunday routine to clean your used makeup brushes.

So, expensive treatments at the salon and costly products are not the only ways to keep your skin hale and hearty during the 30s. This skincare guide, involving 5 very simple and easy to do beauty tips will never make you feel that 30s have finally penetrated into your life. Making these a part of your daily beauty regime will help you keep your skin young and glowing, not just during the 30s, but also after that.


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