5 Game Changing Beauty Tricks If You Suck At Makeup



Did you ever wonder how some women end up looking good no matter how they do their makeup? There are actually makeup tips out there to make you look prettier, and you don’t need to be a professional expert to do that. One amazing thing about makeup is you will always be the center of attention, whether you do it right or wrong. But it is always good to be on the right side of it. So, here are 5 game changing makeup tricks that you need to know if you really suck at makeup – these are really important!

5 Game Changing Beauty Tricks If You Suck At Makeup


1. Get The Base Right


The most important step to doing your makeup right is applying the base. Here’s the simplest trick to doing it right- if you have dry skin use a hyper-hydrated moisturizer beneath your makeup and if you have oily skin, go for a soft-toned primer to maintain the oil-balance on your face.


2. Colour Correcting Concealer Is A Must-have


If you’re looking to hide skin problems like acne and hyper-pigmentation, colour concealer can work like magic. Here are a few concealer colours that can do their wonders on your skin.

  1. Purple: This colour helps to cover yellow-toned discoloration and yellowish bruises.
  2. Pink: It is a must-have colour to conceal the blue-toned under eye circles, bruises and dark spots.
  3. Orange: It works brilliantly to hide dark spots on dark skin tone and blue-toned under eye circles.
  4. Beige & Brown: The two popularly used colours for minor discoloration.
  5. Yellow: If you have purple or black-toned bruises and under eye dark circles, try a yellow-colour concealer.
  6. Green: Green is a lesser known but a magical colour in hiding red spots, acne, pink-toned scars and red around the eyes.

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3. Know Your Makeup Brushes


We often end up buying and using makeup brushes without knowing which brush is utilised for what purpose. Here in, we will tell you the 6 most essential makeup brushes with their spot-on purpose:

  1. Powder brush: Powder brush is used for applying both loose and compact mineral powder all over the face.
  2. Fan brush: This brush is used to dust light powder like highlighter, all over the face.
  3. Contour shadow brush: A must-have brush to add definition to your cheekbones to create a contoured look.
  4. Concealer brush: A concealer brush is essential if you do not want your concealer to give your face a cakey look.
  5. Eyeshadow brush: This brush is used for applying powder eyeshadow to the eyelids.
  6. Angled Liner brush: This brush is important to fill and shape your eyebrows and also to apply liquid liner on your eyes.

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4. Eye Makeup According To Your Eye Shape


Define your eyes according to your eye shape so that you don’t end up looking over-the-top or too dull:

  1. For round eyes: Apply dark shades in the center of your eyes, and use lighter shades to highlight the inner and outer corners.
  2. For almond eyes: Layer the eyelid with a matte brown shade eyeshadow and work up a darker shade in the outer corner.
  3. For monolid eyes: Add dimension to your eyes, by creating gradient effect with your eyeshadows.
  4. For hooded eyes: For these kind of eyes, lightly dab dark and matte eyeshadows all over the eyelid.
  5. For protruding eyes: Use a shimmery eyeshadow over the entire eyelid, with a darker shade in the outer corners.
  6. For downturned eyes: Focus on the the outer corner of the eyes and apply lighter eyeshadow on it.
  7. For upturned eyes: Focus on the outer-lower corner of the eyes and apply darker eyeshadow over it.
  8. For close set eyes: Apply shimmery eyeshadow over the eyelid and highlight the inner corner.

Pro Tip: To quickly brighten your eyes and make them look bigger, apply shimmery powder to the brow bone and the inner and outer corners of your eyes.

5. Apply Blush According To Your Face Shape


More than the brand of your cosmetics, what is important is to know how to apply it right. The face glows up in the right way if you know exactly what blush is ideal for your face shape:

  1. Rectangle shaped face: If you have a long face, brush on the apples of your cheeks towards the ears to widen the shape of your face.
  2. Oval shaped face: If you have an oval-shaped face, apply blush on the apples of your cheeks and sweep outwardly to give a natural look.
  3. Heart shaped face: If you have a heart-shaped face, apply blush under the apples of your cheeks and sweep upwardly to soften the chin.
  4. Round-shaped face: If you have a round-shaped face, apply around the cheekbones and sweep upwards to make the face look slim.
  5. Square-shaped face: If you have square-shaped face, sweep the blush from your ears down to your cheekbones, and blend it well to make your face appear longer.

Doing makeup is not to experiment around cakey looks or plastering your face with colours, it is about enhancing your features in a pretty way. There’s a lot to learn about beauty and makeup out there and we know it could at times be overwhelming. Whether you’re a beauty expert or a beginner, these makeup tricks are absolute key.