5 DIY Waxing Techniques For Fair And Glowing Skin

Waxing is the perfect hair removal remedy for women. Waxing removes hair by their roots and slows down re-growth. It can be a bit painful, yet it’s so ...

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Waxing is the perfect hair removal remedy for women. Waxing removes hair by their roots and slows down re-growth. It can be a bit painful, yet it’s so gratifying when you’re done. We often hover over internet to get beauty tips for fairness and skin glow. The good news is that the homemade waxing techniques can cater to both of these needs. There are many types of waxing techniques ranging from warm waxing to soft waxing to Brazilian waxing and the count goes on.

But at the same time they are quite expensive. Usually, we don’t have the budget to opt for waxing services at the parlor. But, can you imagine yourself at a beach or a pool, as a hairy-legged gal wearing a designer bikini? Certainly not! Today we have brought the best waxing techniques for you at the convenience of your home. Get set to flaunt soft, glowing and attractive body.  

  1. Sugar waxing 

This is the easiest method to do at home and can also serve as the best beauty tip for fair and glowing skin. You only need sugar water and lemon juice for this technique. Start by adding the sugar, water and lemon juice to a saucepan, and stir to combine them nicely. Now heat the ingredients on low flame, bringing the mixture to a boil. Once the sugar caramelizes, remove it from the flame and let it cool for some time.  Once it cools down you need to place the wax over a section of your body. You can use your fingertips to flatten the paste. Apply a thick coat and after 4-5 minutes remove the wax by pinching one edge and pulling quickly in the direction of hair growth. Once the hair comes out you need to wash the area with a mild soap. That’s it and you are all done.  

2. Brazilian Waxing at Home 

Brazilian wax basically used in removal of entire pubic hair with a special type of wax and happens to cost a fortune. But the good news is that you can do Brazilian waxing now at your home without worries. You just need to bring home the Brazilian wax kit. You can easily buy it online. Now you need to heat the wax according to the manufacturer’s directions and then wait for some time to let it cool down.  Now apply a thin layer of wax onto a small area of your pubic area in the direction of the hair growth. Wait for some time to let the wax cool down, and then stretch the skin tight with one hand. Hold the edge of the strip with the other hand, and rip it off together with wax in the opposite direction. It’s important to have a rapid and fluid motion. It will hurt a little, but the results will make you forget the pain in seconds. 

3. Wax Strips 

Using wax strip is also an efficient way to do waxing at home. In order to use them effectively, you should warm the strip in your hand by rubbing it for about five seconds. Then you need to apply the strip to the desired part of your skin and then rub the strip in the direction of the hair growth. In the final step you need to pull the strip off quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. It’s always advisable to keep the skin tight to avoid any kind of discomfort. The magic lies in pulling the wax strip as fast as you can and without any hesitation or discomfort. If you hesitate a bit and slow down, the effect will not be that good and all of your hair might not come out. So act fast and get the best results. 

4. Hard Wax 

Yes! You can use hard wax even at your home. You’ll need to buy the hard-wax kit and your waxing job will be a tic tac moment. There are many brands out there like- Cirepil Blue wax, GiGi’s waxes, etc and you can easily buy it from Amazon or any other online website. The first rule of waxing is to clean the area and then, you can start the real process. Using a wooden spatula take a good amount of the wax and apply it to your hair, following the natural direction of your hair. Here it’s very important to make sure that you apply a thick layer of the hard wax on your skin. If the amount applied will be too thin then it will just crack when you’ll try to remove it! After some time as the wax cools down pull it in the opposite direction of hair growth. The faster you would pull the wax lesser pain you’ll feel. This may take a bit of time, but the results are worth it.  

5. Sugar, honey and lemon waxing  

You will basically need three ingredients in this homemade waxing recipe. You need to heat some sugar in a saucepan and wait until it is caramelized. After the sugar melts add some honey and lemon juice in it. Keep stirring until the mixture becomes very hot. Make sure that the wax has a good consistency. Once the mixture gets ready keep it for few hours at room temperature to cool down. After it cools down apply a thick layer on the desired area and then wait until the wax cools down to your body temperature. Then, hold the bottom edge of the strip and pull very quickly against the growth of the hair. Once your hair comes down wash that area with water and you’re done. 

So, these were few of the very efficient waxing techniques to give you a bikini flaunting body. Having unwanted body hair can make many women feel unattractive and afflict them with low self-esteem. So the next time somebody asks you for a beach party you can easily flaunt your smooth, glowing skin. No more hair peeping out of the negligee, no more worries! 

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