5 Celebrity Fitness Secrets You Should Know


How many times have you admired an extremely fit colleague and wondered what their secret was? If for you (like us), the answer is lots and lots of times, we thought we’d help you out! Whether its Katrina’s abs in Baar Baar Dekho or Deepika’s super toned figure in Nike’s Da da ding – some celebrities have given us serious fitness goals and we’re here to reveal the secret behind them! Read more to find out the top 5 celebrity fitness secrets that you absolutely need to know.

Katrina Kaif

For her super-fit look in Kala Chashma, Katrina gave up on salt and carbs. Apart from going the extra mile with her exercise of choice, Pilates; Katrina stuck to a very strict diet plan. Beginning with oat cake in the morning, a lunch of fish and vegetables, followed by healthy snacks such as healthy cakes, protein crushers in the evening. These are made from low sugar, dark chocolate so that they’re tasty and healthy at the same time. She ended her day with a simple meal of soup and eggs as dinner.

Deepika Padukone

Considered one of the fittest celebrities in India, Deepika has incorporated Yoga, badminton and cardio in her fitness regime to maintain her health. Apart from cardio, strength and weight training and Pilates to improve her core strength and flexibility, she follows a yoga plan which is not very high intensity but targets her entire body. It starts with 10 rounds of Surya Namaskar and then asanas to strengthen her spine and improve posture such as Cat Stretch, Warrior Pose, etc followed by deep breathing for additional health benefits.

When it comes to her diet, Deepika eats what she likes but makes sure she works out post the indulgence. Her day starts with fresh fruits and ends with something light for dinner. Her diet mostly consists of basic Indian food such as dal, sabzi, roti with salad. Being a teetotaller works in her favor as alcohol adds loads of empty calories without much nutrition.

Bipasha Basu

Fitness has always played a vital role in Bipasha’s life and she owes a major portion of her success to her toned and glamorous physique. Her love for fitness even saw her releasing a DVD titled ‘Bipasha Basu: Love Yourself’, which was highly appreciated by the Indian masses. When it comes to herself, Bipasha’s mantra is simple – discipline, regular exercise and drinking lots of water.


The Bollywood star follows a carefully constructed fitness plan of Yoga and cardio exercises. Beginning with 108 rounds of Surya Namaskar, her regular workout program lasts for 2 hours and has helped her achieve a toned figure and an increase in muscle mass. She also follows a unique approach to fitness, with a separate area of focus reserved for her work out each day.

            • Day 1: Upper body workout
            • Day 2: Abs
            • Day 3: Lower body and legs regime
            • Day 4: Gluteus workout
            • Day 5: Upper body exercises
            • Day 6: Abs and gluts

Her diet is a balanced affair while avoiding rice, salt, carbs and red meat. Beginning with a heavy breakfast of six white eggs, brown toast and fruits, followed by a lunch of dal, fresh vegetables, and chapattis cooked in olive oil. After refreshing herself with digestive biscuits and tea in the evening, she enjoys a light dinner of grilled chicken or steamed fish and green salads.

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John Abraham

John started his career as a model and later on switched to acting and today, is one of the fittest actors in Indian film industry. According to him, fitness has three root levels: good routine, good sleep, and good food.


When it comes to his diet, John swears by the power of a heavy breakfast. His daily breakfast comprises of six eggs whites, slices of toast with butter, ten almonds and a glass of fruit juice and two cups of tea every day. In his afternoon meal, he keeps it traditional by including chapatti prepared from wheat flour, spinach, fried vegetables and yellow pulses. John believes that before and after workouts, fueling your body adequately is very important and dinner should be very light for a sound sleep. In the morning session, after workout, John likes to have light snacks and protein shakes. His dinner consists of soups, corn, and other light vegetarian dishes.

John works out for 2-3 hours daily, on cardiovascular training along with body weight exercises (crunches, bicep curls, pull ups, leg lifts, squats etc). He mainly focuses on his abs, arms, and legs. He does not believe in taking shortcuts, rather he performs hard work and believes in staying fit. Strict gym regimen has become a part of his daily life and advises his fans to avoid short cuts in life.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay began his fitness journey long before he entered the gilded halls of Bollywood. He is a black belt in Taekwondo and gained expertise in martial arts and Muay Thai in Thailand while working as a chef. It is due to this background that the actor believes that fitness needs to be utilitarian instead of intending to build a bulky body with biceps, triceps, and 6 packs. Hence, he is a fan of any sort of outdoor workout such as Parkour, rock climbing, basketball, freestyle workout, functional training and so on.

No exercise regime is complete without a proper diet and Akshay has one which is easy to follow. He usually starts his day with a heavy breakfast of eggs, parathas, and a milkshake or juice. Lunch is from a home-made dabba of daal-roti-chawal-sabzi. In fact, he’s a big fan of Gujarati cuisine and often raids Paresh Rawal’s tiffin if they happen to be shooting together! His day ends with a light meal of salad, soup, and chicken.

If he feels hungry in-between meals, Akshay snacks on dry fruits which are not only the perfect fillers but help curb diseases like diabetes and heart disease and even aid digestion. The actor claims he does have to occasionally curb his sweet tooth and only has sweets on Sundays.

To us, it seems like, underneath the varying fitness regimes, the fitness mantra of all these celebrities remains the same – eat right and live a healthy life. And we couldn’t agree more! Which is why, if you are looking for professional help for all your health & wellness needs, we’re more than happy to help – just tell us what you need.