5 Awesome Nail Art Tricks (With Cool Tips in the End)


Do you while away hours on Pinterest going through amazing nail art pictures, wishing you could do them too? And when you do decide to be adventurous, your version turns out to be freakishly similar to a 4-year-old’s work of art?

Well, believe it or not, they’re not all as difficult as they seem. We give you four unbelievable tips and tricks to make you a pro in no time!

1) Wear the news on your nails

This new trend will give you all the quirk you need. All you need are small clippings of a newspaper, vinegar (no surprises there!) and a solid colored base coat of your choice. Watch the video below to see how the magic happens:

2) The animal in you

We bet you didn’t know you owned so many multitasking items at home, which now includes your eye liner too! Let your imagination run wild and create funky prints and patterns. Or simply go for this fabulous leopard print with these easy steps:

3) Don’t Throw your Mom’s Bindis Away Just Yet

Remember your mom’s stock of bindis in all possible shapes and sizes? Well, it’s time to dive into it and let your creativity take the wheel. If you’re lucky, you can even get your hands on gorgeous glitter bindis! In which case, this is what you should do:

Source:Snap Deal

4) Love thy nails

Sometimes a eye-liner or a another nail paint can just let the world know how much you love the art of beautifying your nails. It is easy, not time consuming and does make your nails look pretty! Check out the video:

5) Geometric Nail Art

Hated maths in school? Well you are going to love it here! At least a part of it. Who would have that geometry could help you get a super slick nail art design which is super easy too. Watch how its done:

Bonus #ProTips

And you thought we would stop here? If you do not wish to spend much time on the nail art or have a different mood on wearing a nail paint one day, these tips come in handy. From freezing your nails to changing them to gloss to matte, check out the tips from our pros!

  1. Dry your nails faster by freeze-drying them. Straight after applying the coat, submerge your nails in ice water for 2-3 minutes. It will freeze the nail polish!
  2. A trick to prevent the nail paint from drying on the skin around your nails is to apply glue or petroleum jelly around it and let it dry. Apply the nail paint and then peel off the glue once the nail paint dries!
  3. Apply two base coats layers to prevent the paint from chipping at the tips. One on the top of the nail paint and the other coat on the whole nail.
  4. Here is a simple way to convert all your glossy nail paints to matte! Find out by clicking here.

Create your own patterns with the help of these techniques and let us know how well they worked for you! Or simply call a salon at home professional at home and pamper yourself.