20 Home Organization Tips to follow for a Tidy Home!

Home organisation is the key to decluttering and making life easier. You can find things more efficiently, cleaning becomes a piece of cake, and it’s a foolproof way ...

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Home organisation is the key to decluttering and making life easier. You can find things more efficiently, cleaning becomes a piece of cake, and it’s a foolproof way to run the home smoothly and efficiently. If you feel there’s always too much stuff around the house and not enough space to store it, read these 20 house organisation ideas:

  1. Plan a routine

Home organisation ideas begin with a plan. One of the critical aspects of tidying your home is to set up a maintenance routine. It can be a weekly, fortnightly, or seasonal cleaning or organisation routine. Some areas, such as the kitchen or bathroom, may require more attention. Others, like the loft, can be left for your annual Diwali cleaning spree.

  1. Declutter and get rid of things

Pause everything you are doing and look around the room. Do you need so many table mats or cushions? Will you ever wear that outfit or use a ghastly bowl you got for your anniversary? It’s time to let go of any piece of furniture or accessory you feel is too many. 

  1. Set smaller goals

Bite-size chunks of 30-60 minutes of cleaning, focusing on one space, can yield long-term results in better home organisation. Start with drawers, cupboards, or shelves in designated areas — gradually covering the entire home.

  1. Design vertical storage

With precious space at a premium, tiered storage home organisation enables you to save time and keep things tidy. Purchase a tiered organiser or two to arrange your knick-knacks, especially worthy for the kitchen categorically!

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  1. Or even swing-out

Swing-out shelves are a clever house organisation idea for cavernous corner cabinets, which are otherwise underutilised. These shelves come with rails that prevent items from falling off. Ones with multiple tiers can easily accommodate a pantry’s worth of dry goods. Another convenience is that the swing-out function brings every item, front and centre, a time-saver.

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  1. Make the most of hidden storage

Niches by the window, boxes under the bed (think Murphy beds) and many more hidden storage options are perfect for keeping extra place mats, table runners, board games, and anything else. The space beneath the staircase can be converted into a bookshelf or a Harry Potter-inspired reading nook or room.

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  1. Start labelling your storage and containers

When there’s a space for everything, tidying up becomes a breeze. Labelling your storage ensures everything has a proper home. It also makes it easier to find specific products. You can mark the baskets for toys, napkins, kitchenware, etc., to ensure a dedicated space for everything. Invest in baskets or all-purpose bins in varying shapes, sizes, and materials to meet your everyday needs.

  1. Utilise the area behind the doors

The back of the doors is a great way to organise space. Think over-the-door shoe organisers that can be used for shoes and bags, jewellery, socks, etc. In particular, they are very handy in the laundry room.

  1. Sort those gadgets

The wall-to-wall entertainment unit is very 1990s and has been replaced with sleeker floating shelves that accommodate your other electronics. Instead, use the wall space judiciously for storing books, trinkets, or artwork for a more streamlined appeal.

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  1. Buy multi-use furniture

Multi-use or multipurpose furniture is a blessing in disguise for home organisation. They can pack a punch by storing things that otherwise add to the clutter. For instance, an ottoman with storage can hold your books, magazines or even tableware. Likewise, the same ottoman can replace a coffee table in a compact home, minimising the need to invest in multiple furniture pieces. 

  1. Store sheets inside pillowcases

Unable to find the matching set of sheets and pillows? A simple home organisation idea is to fold sheets and place the set inside the pillowcase. The bundle will be easy to grab the next time you need to grab a sheet.

  1. Follow the “One In, One Out” Rule

Remember that storage is finite and continues to collect, eventually leading to clutter and chaos. So be it a new sheet, toy or even a book, ensure the one-in and one-out rule for a tidier home.

  1. Get boxes and baskets for smaller things

It’s usually the smaller things that often lead to the bigger mess. It could be a stack of pens or earrings on your dresser. Buy boxes or baskets with sections to arrange them neatly. Stack these into neat piles for a visually pleasing and cleaner aesthetic.

  1. Prioritise storage as per usage

In any home, there are things you use more often and some that you require sparingly. Prioritising your access to items that you use most helps keep storage orderly. For instance, fancy dinnerware can go in a showcase or at the back of the cabinet, while the everyday plates, bowls, etc. can be at the forefront. 

  1. Find more space in the same place

Sometimes, all you need is a change of perspective for better home organisation. Why not rethink the fittings in a walk-in closet or your drawers to make it more efficient? For instance, by adding an extra shelf in the cupboard, you can segregate your casuals from formals. Removing a shelf in the refrigerator can make room for taller bottles or cans.

  1. Think Marie Kondo: Does It ‘Spark Joy’?

The decluttering maestro Marie Kondo insists you should part with items that don’t spark joy. So, ask yourself why you are holding on to an old item. Does it have emotional value? Will you use it again? Holding on to these items only adds to the clutter. It’s time for some deep cleansing — the Kondo way!

  1. Focus on one space at a time

Tackling one small challenge at a time can help simplify the bigger goal of decluttering. As per your schedule, stick to one space at a time. For instance, don’t let your mind wander to the bathroom vanity if you’re doing the kitchen. 

  1. Have a drop zone

Generally, the spaces such as the entryway or foyer are drop zones for keys, umbrellas, and other accessories. Keep a basket or a bowl here, which serves as a drop zone to keep these bijou items in place.

Drop Zones in Kitchen - Urban Company

  1. Go for a pegboard

Go back to the basics with this handy house organisation idea. A pegboard is a clever way to keep smaller items from getting cluttered. You can integrate trays and containers to store smaller essentials and keep them close at hand while giving you more surface area to work on.

  1. Get creative with storage

Don’t stick to the storage stereotypes that have existed for decades. Experiment with new folding techniques, ways to hang your bags or even an innovative stacking technique. Something new might work better for you!


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