20 Gorgeous Mandir Designs for Indian Homes (Our Best Picks!)


While the Internet is full of pooja room designs, the results are a scattered lot. Fortunately for you, we have put in a lot of thought behind narrowing down all the designs to 20 of the best mandir designs for Indian homes. Covering different materials, sizes, styles and spaces, these have been compiled in this easy-to-browse post for you. So, go ahead and find your favourite!

(This is a chapter of a bigger guide on mandir designs for Indian homes.)

mandir designs for indian homes
Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional Furdo

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… In the styles below, a wooden pooja mandir design may also deem fit as a mandir design for a small room or as a mandir with a beautiful door. So it’s a good idea to quickly skim through the entire list to get a wholesome idea and pin them according to the category you want on your boards.

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1. Wooden Corner Mandir Design with an Eye-Catching Door

Interior Design by iStudio Architecture

Why we picked this: Because this wooden temple conveniently tucks itself in a corner of the living room without standing out like a sore thumb. What helps is the homogeneity of the wood used for both the mandir and the diwan. But what we love most is that gorgeous door design comprising of an intricately carved out leaf with veins. Not only does it add aesthetic value to the mandir, but it also allows one to get a glimpse of what’s inside. That glow from inside when the lights are switched on is the icing on the cake!

2. South Indian Temple Design Built With Wood

Interior Design by iStudio Architecture. Photography by Pradnya Ranaware

Why we picked this: For that south Indian architecture! For those who love it too, indulge in an out-and-out wooden design, detailed carvings on the door, a decorative frame for the entrance, brass accessories like lamps and multiple framed portraits of Gods. Pillars and columns are also a good idea!

3. Portable Wooden Pooja Unit

Why we picked this: Because this wooden pooja unit is like a mini temple in itself. With stunning jaali work doors and flanked by two pillars on either side, it rests on a platform comprising of two drawers. You can move this pooja ghar around your house depending on where you want to place it — it’s a piece of decor in itself.

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4. Mandir With Foldable Doors and Digitally-Printed Designs

Interior Design by Apse Interiors

Why we picked this: For those wooden-framed panels! If you too want to add that something extra to your already beautiful mandir, opt for panels like these that merge digitally-printed glass with intricate wooden carvings. These panels not only form the accordion-style, foldable doors on the one hand, but also act as a divider between the mandir and the rest of the room.

5. Pooja Room With a Gate Design

Interior Design by Aangan Architects

Why we picked this: For the stunning half gate design! Skip the doors and go for a gate design for your pooja room–embellish it with coloured glass panels and little nooks for bells. Your mandir will get an edge over other designs!

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6. All Marble Mandir With an Inlay Design

Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional 8 Interiors

Why we picked this: For that stunning inlay work! It’s elegant, classy and not opulent at all. Besides that, this marble pooja mandir design with its all-white serene appearance is for those looking for a calming space.

7. Marble Pooja Mandir Design With Wooden Flooring and False Ceiling

Why we picked this: Because who says marble and wood cannot be a match! Here’s a marble pooja mandir pairing perfectly with a wooden laminate flooring. While the wood tones down the coolness of marble, the marble unit adds grandeur to the flooring. A false ceiling ties both elements together and is the cherry on the top!

8. Marble Temple with Elaborate Jaali Work

Why we picked this: For its luxurious look! And if you’re really really keen on a luxurious look too or if you’re a big marble fan, we’re going to urge you to look at this idea. This mandir boasts of stunning jaali-work (or latticed) doors and marble inlay flooring. The back panels made up of laser-etched glass with a leaf design, and the detailed floral design in the centre add to the luxurious look.

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9. Simple Pooja Mandir Design for Walls

Why we picked this: As it’s a space saver! This inbuilt shelf with a door is so narrow that it almost hides itself against a matching wall — yes, it helps that both the shelf and the wall share the same colour. So if you’re looking for a mandir design for walls, this idea is much better than just hanging a large portrait of a God on the wall.

10. Wall-Mounted Pooja Units

Interior Design by Seven – Design and Interiors

Why we picked this: Because this pretty pooja unit is perfect for small apartments! Found in abundance online and in various designs and styles, these work if you don’t want to go for an in-built style (like the previous one) for a wall. We love how this unit doesn’t disappoint or compromise on utility, function or style. It’s got a shelf, a pretty door design, a storage drawer, ambient lighting and occupies minimal space. A win-win, we say!

11. Small Pooja Cabinet Design

Interior Design by Decorpot

Why we picked this: Since this contemporary cabinet design for a mandir fits in beautifully in a modern Indian apartment. It blends in with the rest of the straight and simple furniture–which is not fussy but is functional. You can divide the cabinet in such a way that the open portion functions as your mandir while the closed sections work as storage for your items like cotton, oil, agarbattis etc.

12. Mandir Cabinet Design With an Om Imprint

Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional Monnaie Architects

Why we picked this: For that ‘om’ design on the back panel of this mandir design. It’s a stunner and adds so much aesthetic value. You could look at various such designs, including a swastik, a mantra or an outline of Radha Krishna or Ganesha.

13. Mandir Design for Small Rooms

Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional Furdo

Why we picked this: Because it shows that small spaces needn’t compromise on size or aesthetics when accommodating a mandir. And this custom-built temple is a lovely example. It utilises an empty, unused wall and comprises of a basic chest of drawers with a top shelf to display picture frames and idols. But what makes it attractive is the orange textured wallpaper that highlights the space.

14. Pooja Room in Forgotten Niches and Nooks

Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional DPA Design

Why we picked this: Because it’s tucked into a nook, which could have otherwise gone unused. The dark, reflective glass panelling and pendant lamps add a glamorous touch while setting the space apart from the rest of the house.

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15. Wooden Beams to Partition from the Dining Room

Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional Furdo

Why we picked this: It’s stylish example of carving out space for your pooja mandir from your dining room. Take the help of a partition, like these wooden beams in this case, and separate the mandir from the rest of the room. Also give it a nice backdrop that stands apart from the rest of the interiors.

16. Prayer Room Within Another Larger Room

Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional Gundeti Rahul

Why we picked this: It goes on to show how you don’t need a separate room to give your mandir the sanctity of space. In fact, this pooja ghar is one of our favourite designs so far. A wooden frame with a sloping, tiered roof (taking inspiration from the Dravidian architectural style) encloses a sleek marble console with compartments for storage. The marble flooring is the same as the room. Keeping with the theme, the adornments have been kept minimal yet gorgeous with some hanging bells, a stunning idol of Lord Ganesha and an urli and lamp — all in brass with a gold-like coating.

17. Merging Wood and Marble

mandir designs for indian homes
Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional DattaGuru Infrastructures

Why we picked this: For the minimal inlay marble that serves as a gorgeous backdrop and platform for a beautifully designed, wooden pooja unit. What makes this style even better is that the back panels are lit from behind to render a lovely glow. What do you think of it?

18. Ornate Backdrop

mandir designs for homes
Interior Design by A+D Lab

Why we picked this: Because an elaborate backdrop, a two-step wood and marble platform, hanging bells, wooden panels and a floor seating come together to create this charming pooja mandir space. It’s spacious, can accommodate many people (including the pundit!), and has a calming effect on those who occupy the space.

19. Latest Wooden Temple Design

Interior Design by Futurist Architecture

Why we picked this: As soon as we stumbled upon this outdoor wooden temple design, we knew we had to share it with you. The design is so unique, and yet has a tinge of simplicity to it. A wooden make with a front platform made of cement, the mandir is framed by two vertical posts and surrounded by grass. This makes it ideal for those who’re looking to go eclectic with their pooja mandir and yet maintain its sanctity. Here’s a little secret: You can implement this design indoors using artificial grass!

20. New Mandir Design With Textured Walls

Interior Design by The Interior Workshop

Why we picked this: For the textured walls! A current trend in pooja rooms is investing more on the walls and flooring, rather than on building an elaborate centre structure. This mandir is a perfect example of the same. The designers have given the walls a beautiful textured effect with burnt orange-coloured paint. That in itself gives the pooja room a sacred appearance. Unique touches, like the engraved mantra, give the design an edge.

So, this was our all-comprehensive list of the most gorgeous mandir designs for Indian homes.

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