18 Minimalist Nail Art Designs for the Lazy Girl



For many women out there, the terms ‘nail art’ and ‘effort’ interchangeable. Truth be told, nail art does take certain degree of finesse and effort. And yet, what better way to add some color to dark winter wardrobe than some pretty and simple minimalist nail art designs, that ups the glam with a minimal (pun intended) amount of effort.

Why Try These Minimalist Nail Art Designs?

  • Because these are (mostly) DIY minimalist nail art designs. Some designs, though, will need a professional manicurist.
  • Because these minimalist nail art designs suit all kinds of fingernails – long, short, chubby, slender.
  • Because minimalist nail art designs do not require nail extensions.
  • Because if subtle is how you like it, then these are the perfect nail art designs to suit your personal style.
  • Because they’re so simple, even lazy girls can’t really make an excuse for not trying at least one!

#1. My Kinda’ Rainbow

This minimalist rainbow can be done using a fine nail art brush to make those precise strokes.

#2. Chevron in Neon

Minimalist nail art design 2

Besides the chevron design on the middle finger, the sobre grey shades coupled with funky that neon orange make for an interesting pairing.  

#3. Glitterarity

Minimalist nail art design 3

We love this simple nail art for just the right amount of glitter it uses, not too little, not too much. Goldie Locks would be pleased!.

#4. Bahamama

Minimalist nail art design 4

The hot caribbean sun and sands is what this tropical color combo reminds us of. And cool watermelons of course!

#5. Abstract Snowflakes

Minimalist nail art design 5

This delicate and subtle nail art design looks so perfect on fingers wrapped around a warm coffee mug. And it’s pretty simple too. Get some slim nail art tape or a fine brush to get started.

#6. Picasso Did This

Minimalist nail art design 6

If you’re one for experimentation, sport this Picasso-inspired cubist nail art design in variation of colors. We recommend a pop or neon color palette.  

#7. Mono Chrome

Minimalist nail art design 7

There’s not a color which this simple nail art in a monochrome style (aka shades and tints of the same color) won’t work. We vouch for purple, and green variations.

#8. Tommy H Needed Pink

The Tommy Hilfiger colors are reimagined in the subtle nail art design. We’ll admit, we do prefer this pink over the red!

#9. Must Be Artsy

Minimalist nail art design 9

Some may find this simple nail art design just that – too simple. And yes, some may find it too artsy for their taste, but this nail art design is minimalism in its truest sense.

#10. I Struck Cupid

Minimalist nail art design 10

Needless to say, this nail art design is perfect for Valentine’s Day. With that intense shade of red, and those sharp, pointed lines, there’s little doubt who struck first!

#11. Circling Around

Not really a part of the group of simple art designs, this one requires some nail art tools, a steady hand, and some amount of patience.

#12. Take a Hint

There’s an understated elegance about those barely there flicks of white on that rich wine color in matte finish. We’d love to try this in deep purple, chocolate brown, and midnight blue variation.

#13. Ferns Sans Petals

Minimalist nail art design 13

If your style is uber chic, then we recommend you paint delicate silhouette of a fern on pastel shade nail paint.

#14. Geometry Used Better

Minimalist nail art design 14

Recall all those diagrams of squares and triangles and put them to better use in this geometric nail art design.

#15. Almost Polka

Minimalist nail art design 15

We love this contemporary minimalist interpretation on the classic retro polka. Try different color combos on your hands.

#16. Unfinished Business

Minimalist nail art design 16

Half-done can work beautifully when done right in the is simple nail art design. We’d try this nail art design in chromatic color schemes, like greens and blues, oranges and reds, and pinks and purples.

#17. My Initials Be B&W


Minimalist nail art design 17

This particular minimalist nail art design combines retro vibes with classic undertones. We’d love to these on long, slender fingers.

#18. Aztec Goes Pop

Of all our minimalist nail art designs, this seems to be the least minimal of the lot! Aztec art paired with these vibrant colors makes for a funky yet subtle nail art design. Almost subtle that is.

Last Words on Minimalist Nail Art

Nail art needs a good nail base to start on. You could either give yourself a good manicure at home using natural ingredients, or book a comfy Salon at Home service from Urban Company.