15+ Popular Wall Paint Colours for Your Indian Home (Pick These Blindly!)


A lot of people write in on social media to ask what colour they should paint their walls. While we do suggest wall paint colours on the basis of their indoor space, style and existing decor, we also feel that it’s similar to wanting to know what one should eat for lunch that particular day. Because there are just too many options! And the selection boils down to your personality, preferences and the outcome you want. Right?

So, we’ve decided to tackle this question through a couple of blog posts like these:

To begin with, in this post, we’ll show you some of the most popular interior paint colours for various corners of your home — these make for safe bets.

Wall Paint Colours for Living Rooms

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Spaced Out

Dark paint shades give the living room a classy, intimate and luxurious appeal. For instance, dark purple or even fig is a rich and classic wall colour for a semi-formal or formal living room. In the above room, along with the painted wall, the drapes and chairs are in hues of the colour fig. Tables in dark wood add depth to the room, while the white ceiling gives it breathing space.

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Zero9

Similarly, dark shades of blue have become very popular paint colours for homes lately. Indigos, navys and ink blues are modern options that easily add a royal touch to your space.

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Zero9

Red is another great pick. Being a colour of energy, its darker shades are great for living rooms where you want to stimulate conversations. In this room, the red panelled accent wall pairs beautifully with the wooden flooring, rounded off with sofas in similar warm hues.

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Mystique Interiors

If you want to add a soft, soothing and easy-on-the-eye colour to your living room walls, by all means go for pastels like powder blues, lavenders, lilacs, mint green, etc. But just so that the room doesn’t end up looking like a baby’s nursery, decorate with stylish metallic accents, tables with glass tops, contemporary wooden furniture, and tufted and woven furnishings.

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Wall Paint Colours for Bedrooms

Light blues are the most comforting and relaxing wall colours for a master bedroom. This powder blue especially hugs you, just like it would in a child’s room. The tufted grey headboard and light bordered frames are perfect accompaniments.

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Monnaie Architects

Lovely light shades of purple, like the heather purple used in this bedroom, also gives off relaxed yet luxurious vibes. The luxe appeal is brought in by a gorgeous golden sunburst mirror.

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A subtle yellow is cheerful and pleasing, and yet not too eye-catching. Paired with a plain bedding in blue and minimal artwork, it maintains the serene appeal of the bedroom.

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Wall Paint Colours for Dining Rooms

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Furdo

Yellow is one of the best wall paint colours for a dining room. It’s a happy colour signifying togetherness, a purpose meant to be served by a dining room as well.

Image: Courtesy The Ideal Home & Garden

You could opt for this warm mustard shade, which suits Indian decor aesthetics, and which looks beautiful in a room with abundant natural light.

Image: Courtesy The Ideal Home & Garden

Speaking of warm hues, a dusty shade of orange is a good interior paint colour too. Avoid pop or bright variants that are difficult to work with, and instead pick paint shades with grey undertones.

Image: Courtesy The Ideal Home & Garden

However, the latest wall paint colour trend to have hit dining rooms these days is that of pastel blues. While blue used to be once considered cold for such a room, it no longer is as it can be warmed up with wooden furniture and flooring or accents in natural materials.

Wall Paint Colours for Entryways

grey wall paint colours for entryway
Image: Courtesy Apartment Therapy

Colours for the entryway can either be a complementing backdrop for the accents that decorate it or can be welcoming all by themselves. Let’s see how. In the above picture, a dash of cool grey allows the contrasting dark shoe cabinet and the raised snake plant to shine. While in the picture below, a gorgeous blue looks so lovely in itself that it makes coming home every day a delight.

Image: Courtesy Casa Watkins Living

Wall Paint Colours for Reading Corners

Image: Courtesy Urban Ladder

You can either choose a dark colour, like this crimson, which will give your little corner a tucked away appeal — especially if that’s how you want to feel when reading that gripping novel. Or you can go for a wall colour design where a broad strip of a bright pop shade, like an orange or green, gets highlighted against a neutral background. This palette makes your reading corner look inviting — and turns it into your happy place!

Image: Courtesy Apartment Therapy

So as you can see, different areas and rooms of your home work in different ways with various colours. You just need to know the mood and personality you want to obtain. But since that decision too can be nerve-wracking, we hope that the above safe colour choices are a helpful guide.

Quick FAQs

Before we end this post, we’re quickly tackling a couple of questions some of you sent in.

What is best paint color for the living room?
There are many and it all boils down to personal choices. But here are some of the best paint colours for the living room.

What colors make a living room look bigger?
According to the tried-and-tested rules of interior design, lighter colours like lavenders, powder blues, greys and soft pinks reflect and optimise natural light, thus, making the room appear airier. Bright colours in your living room will make it seem larger than it is. Keep the ceiling white or off-white for best results. Dark colours, on the other hand, absorb light and make the room look closed in.

What type of paint should be used in the living room?
Eggshell is a good choice of wall paint for common areas like the living room, where not too many people (especially little kids!) are likely to touch the walls. You can also opt for satin, which is slightly glossier than eggshell, and with a satin-like texture. This type can hold up to cleaning and light scrubbing. Hence, it can be used for high traffic areas like the living room.

(Read more about this in our helpful Beginner’s Guide to Wall Painting.)

So, what are your favourite and reliable home paint colours? Is there something else that you would like to know? Share them in the comments!