13 Graphic Design Trends That Took The World By Storm in 2017


Change is the only constant and this proverb is applicable in every field. Trends keep
evolving; what is in this season is out in a matter of a few months. Graphic design trends are no different. There was 2016 where pastel colors were the rage and now monochromes are the thing. 2017 saw quite a few trends and out of all the trends, few have managed to hit
its high.
Here are 13 trends in graphic design which has been followed by leading graphic design companies in 2017.

1. Louder and brighter colors

Neutral colors have always signified class and standard. But after the success of the
apple logo or Adidas, the recent developments have not exactly been well received.
Most companies are even redesigning their logos to fit this description. Leading
brands like Instagram have adopted that color splash to enhance their outreach.

2. Bold typography

Here is the age old trick of trapping viewer attention. Large bold font is what the human eye automatically gets attracted to. This theory
has been already well established by newspapers and headlines. This trend has
remained among the top lists in 2017.

3. Google Fonts

Google fonts have been the latest graphic design trend that catapulted into the limelight. They have not just emerged as the new design alternative but made every designer’s life easier. Its automatic adjustments enhance the quality of the art work produced as a result. Every graphic designer’s go to help tool are google fonts.

4. Authentic photos

A picture speaks a thousand words and a human eye and mind is captured far more easily by an image that with mere words. Authentic photographs add to the quality of the content and increase its value by multi folds. They create a sense of exclusivity and attach it to the content presented.

5. Color transitions

The best example of this pattern would be the Instagram logo.
With a transitioning colour code, the latest Instagram logo has been well accepted
and has been trending and fairly noticed by the public. It has succeeded in drawing
that attention of many. Color transitions are well seen in ombre shades (how one strong color fades down to lighter shades or one light color thickens to a strong color) and colors of the same pallet.

6. Split content

This trend is easily understandable in the case of a blog post or a magazine article. The page ends up looking more authentic with a split content; especially when the layout is half picture, half text. The appealing nature and the color coordinates help hold the attention of the viewer. It is a perfect balance of text, color and images.

7. Hidden navigation symbols

Drop-down buttons that offer a more varied viewer option is the new trend that the media has been lately hooked to. Almost every website or mobile application, today, have hidden navigation that are either slide viewed or click upon. It provides a more organized structure to the webpage and makes navigation easy. This trend has been catching up soon.

8. Minimalism

When the world is getting too complicated to understand, the graphic design trend, however, adapts to minimalism. Like in micromax logo or even google to consider, in the least. People enjoy uncluttered and non-shabby piece of work to look at and it also makes it easier for people to relate and remember the symbol. These are perfect cases of simplicity making a statement. The best example would be that of Nike or Apple.

9.  Playing with words and word cropping

An intelligent logo would be one that suggests the name of the company with the logo itself. The Hyundai logo or the Audi logo would be an example to this idea that has been taking over the graphic design trends lately. Here again, no complicated symbolism is used.

10. Animated logos

Partially or completely animated logos have been trending since when it was introduced by Google. They are said to induce a feeling of happiness when introduced in various occasions. Google doodles have paved way to several such animated logos.

11.  Vintage

The best example for this trend would be the Harley Davidson or the Royal Enfield logo. Public tend to relate these with established firms. Not just imbibing a sense of nostalgia, vintage touches give a quaint sense of richness to the design. Though, quite new, it automatically adds a sense of vintage to the brand.

13. Geometric Designs

Adding a bit of shapes and structure helps enhance the design. It communicates a more stronger message than a curved or blended in shapes or forms. Such geometric shapes communicate well with the viewer owing to their angles and edges.

Trends keep evolving with the second. It is a necessity for a good graphic designer to be
aware of the changing and upcoming trends that are prevalent currently in the field. A little improvisation on the basic template or idea Is always appreciated by customers. The key for
designing a good logo or a magazine lies in understanding how the public.