12+ Living Room Colors For Your Contemporary Indian Home

Stuck in a rut of unimaginative living room colors? Can’t think beyond the beiges and browns and whites? These 12+ living room colors for your Indian apartment will get ...

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Stuck in a rut of unimaginative living room colors? Can’t think beyond the beiges and browns and whites? These 12+ living room colors for your Indian apartment will get you all excited about refreshing your drawing room.

Here are the 12+ living room colors that will perk up your contemporary Indian apartment.

1. Blue and white

Photography by Nayan Soni Photography

These are one of the most popular living room colors out there! While the calming blue wall takes centrestage with an eye-catching tree of life installation, it does more by binding the white on the chairs, wall and blinds, with the blue popping through the rug and the chairs. Now this room could have easily looked like a page out of Greece, but what prevents that from happening is the inclusion of traditional and solid wooden furniture. Another trick is to bring in spurts of different shades of blue into the picture to avoid a sterile appearance.

2. Mauve, grey and white

Interior Design by Aum Architects. Photography by Prashant Bhat Photography.

If you’re gunning for a softer sophisticated look, without making your guests feel out of place, play with this living room color scheme. Mauve with grey undertones is neither too moody nor too feminine. Pair it with grey (on the fur carpet) and white (on the wall moulding), and the appearance softens.

If not the wall moulding, you can introduce white in your living room color scheme with the help of pouffes, tabletop accessories or even a floor lamp.

Tip to take home: Metallic accents (like the centre table and twin candle stands) add flair while the black and white zigzag patterns on the curtains bring in a quirky but chic touch.

Interior Design by Aum Architects. Photography by Prashant Bhat Photography.

3. Red and beige

Image: Courtesy Sarita Handa

The rich red threads of this patterned carpet set the mood of the room while the cushion covers and chairs take cues from it. (Psst, red is one of the best living room colors, according to experts!) So, if you love the color but are not brave enough to paint a wall red, this idea is for you! Incorporate beige into the picture to balance the lushness of red. Bring in furniture upholstered in beige and complete the look with a backdrop of tall green plants.

4. Teal, beige and white

Image: Courtesy Pinterest

Things are changing slowly in urban India, and more people are experimenting with colors and textures. If you’re one of them, teal is a brilliant living room color idea. You can either go for an accent wall in teal or, let beige dominate the larger surface elements like the walls, carpets and sofas. Throw in large accents and furniture in teal like your coffee table, pouffe, cushion covers, lamps and wall art. Just so that the room doesn’t look like a chessboard in teal and beige, include white to break the monotony.

5. Tan brown, white and dark grey

Interior Design by Sunita Yogesh Studio

If you want to go in for a mid-century, modern look for your living room, these colors fit right in. Just like they do in Sunita Yogesh’s home in Chennai.

We particularly love those tan brown sofa sets — so chic! Not only that, they add warmth to an otherwise cool and airy space like this (thanks to the white walls and marble flooring). However, to add more character to the entire room, Sunita has infused darker shades in doses — like the dark grey pouffe and rug, and side tables in darker wood. So, if you’re looking for modern colour schemes for living rooms, try this!

Ps, want to know how Sunita made an eclectic gallery wall in her home? Read this.

6. Red, blue and black

Image: Courtesy Vogue

Who said living rooms can’t go wild with a riot of colors?

Red and blue are such playful colors and impactful ones at that too. Bring them together and you get a super chic palette. In this above living room, designer Krsna Mehta of India Circus shows you how to wing the colors in a bold fashion. The key behind making this look work for you is to let red and blue bounce off each other rather than fight for individual attention. Krsna infuses black through eye-catching accents (like the table lamps in this case) or in subtle but evident ways like the black wall frames or the base of the cushion covers. These give the room definition.

Since this room is anyway going bold with colors, adding bold patterns to the mix adds an eclectic but stunning touch. Don’t shy away from doing that!

Image: Courtesy Trendecora

A completely different way to work red and blue is by bringing in lighter colors like beige and white. This gives the room a more breathable appearance. Work with contemporary patterns like graphic prints, and textures like cotton, rattan, jute and wood for dimension.

Ps, if you’re looking for small living room colors, this is a nice color suggestion!

7. Black and white

Image: Courtesy Zufolo Designs

Yes, black and white! Going monochrome is as much bold as it is simplistic. By keeping the walls white, the space tends to look airier. But you can opt for black walls too, with a mix of black, white and grey furniture — the look will be bolder. Throw in patterns through your cushion covers, wall art and the rugs, to keep the look of the room fluid and not stagnant. You can even add mirrors, metal or accents in gold or silver to the mix for some sophistication. But if you’d rather like a chic appearance, throw in a fuschia vase or a yellow planter.

8. Yellow and grey

Interior Design by Spaces Architects. Photography by Bharat Aggarwal Photography.

Yellow and grey have actually come around to becoming one of the latest living room colors in Indian homes. While they’re an instant hit in kitchens, there’s no reason why they won’t be welcome in the living room too. You can experiments with different shades of both the colors — from canary, mustard and pale yellow to charcoal, cloud and silver grey. Classy yet playful, this combination is great for traditional homes too.

9. Tangerine

Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional DPA Design

The interiors of this neutral-toned living room gets a much needed uplift with tangerine orange. A simple floor rug and a chair in the same tone of orange create a clear-cut color scheme that gives a citrusy punch to the room. The idea is to go big and bold with one or two accents and to keep everything else simple and not demand too much attention.

10. Olive and peach

Contrary to popular perception, olive and peach do not always give a very sweet and child-like image. In fact, they blend spring and autumn to create an easy-going and comforting vibe. Thus, they’re actually very suitable colors for the living room. The trick to attaining that comforting vibe is to introduce the colors in hints — like a pair of floor cushions, differently patterned sofa cushions, a coffee table book, a tray, a couple of wall paintings, etc. This is a great idea for your first home in the city!

11. Pastels — Baby pink, lilac and off-white

Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional DPA Design

Pastels are often looked upon as a feminine pick, but one couldn’t be further from the truth. This room plays with pastels like lilac, baby pink and off white on its curtains, throw and rug, and adds definition with brighter but not very dark cushions and chair. Straight lines and clean surfaces with less or no patterns render a minimalist appearance. Yet the colors help you connect with the room. The underrated star of the room though is the lighter shade of wood that you see on the floor, console and side table.

12. Green and brown

Green and brown work wonderfully in the forest, and they will in your living room as well. This is especially true if you like warmer tones, a cozy ambiance and natural textures. Make these colors work for you by using a lot of wood as well as a lot of plants — two elements that bring in the required color as well as the textures required.

Tip: This color combination looks best in homes that have a wooden flooring.

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Happy designing!

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