12 Best Groom Entry Ideas For The Modern Man


Image courtesy: Naman Verma

Whether you’re looking for an ultra-cool groom entry idea or a unique one, we’ve got you covered. Make an entry that will make for memorable wedding photographs. And put a smile on your face when you remember how you felt at that pivotal moment!

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1. Coolest Groom Entry Ideas

a) On an ATV!

Can the Sarbala Join You? Yes, but choose a bigger ATV so that they can be comfortably seated.

groom entry in Indian wedding - Yuvraj Singh wedding entry on ATV at his baraat
Image Courtesy: Yuvraj Singh
cool groom entrance idea - on ATV for beach wedding on the sand
Image courtesy: Sam & Ekta Sunder Frames

b) Tractor or Jeep

Can the Sarbala Join You? Yes.

A tractor even allows for you to sit on the engine & have a good time with your baraat!

Dulha entry on a tractor
Image Courtesy: The Creative Lens
Indian wedding groom entrance on a jeep
Image courtesy: Recall Pictures
groom entry idea - in a jeep
Image Courtesy: Wedding Like That

c) On A Bike

Can the Sarbala Join You? Yes.

groom entry in Indian wedding on a bike
Image courtesy: Cam Catches
groom entry ideas - on a Harley bike
Image courtesy: Going Bananas

d) A Segway

Can the Sarbala Join You? No.

Segway groom entrance ideas
Image Courtesy: The Wedding Story

e) In a Batmobile!

Can the Sarbala Join You? Most definitely!

coolest groom entry ideas ever - in a batmobile
Image Courtesy: Dot Dusk

f) Land in a Helicopter

Can the Sarbala Join You? Yes, if their parent allows it! (assuming they’re a young kid)

Cool groom entry in helicopter
Image courtesy: Studio Nine Photography

2. Unique Groom Entry Ideas That Are Hatke!

a) Driving a Scooter

Can the Sarbala Join You? Only if they sit in the sidecar.

You can either sit in the sidecar and let your brother or bestman ride the scooter…

unique dulha entry on scooter with sidecar
Image Courtesy: Frames and Films Studio

Or you can ride the scooter yourself (like Indian cricketer Pandya did at his wedding!)

Indian Cricketer wedding entrance by groom
Image courtesy: The Wedding Story

You can also ride in solo on a normal scooter (like this groom did at his Mehendi entrance!)

groom entry ideas - on a scooter at his Mehendi ceremony
Image courtesy: Dot Dusk

b) Riding a Bicycle

Can the Sarbala Join You? Nope.

Groom entry in Indian Wedding - on a bicycle
Image Courtesy: Shaadi Squad
Groom entry in Indian Wedding - on a bicycle with a flower basket in front
Image courtesy: 1plus1 Studio

A groom recently made an entrance to his wedding with his whole gang riding decorated bicycles. It made for some amazing & fun baraat entry photographs!

c) Cruising & Dancing on a Boat!

Can the Sarbala Join You? Yes!

Dulha entry in a boat
Image courtesy: Tejveer Singh

Perfect for destination weddings where there’s a lake or water body overlooking the venue.

d) Sitting in a Customised Golf Cart

Can the Sarbala Join You? Yes, so can your nieces!

Indian wedding groom entrance in golf cart with baraat
Image Courtesy: Candid Tales
Awesome groom entry ideas - on a golf cart with balloons
Image courtesy: Phoolandevi Events

Another groom entrance idea for a destination wedding taking place at a resort. Decorate the cart with helium balloons to add a fun touch!

e) A Fun Auto or Rickshaw Ride!

Can the Sarbala Join You? Yes.

groom entry in Indian wedding - in a colourful auto with baraatis
Image courtesy: Once Upon A Time Photography
Auto dulha entry at Indian wedding
Image courtesy: Dot Dusk

3. The Classic Groom Entry

a) Sports or Vintage Car

Can the Sarbala Join You? Yes.

Groom entry in decorated vintage car at his wedding
Image Courtesy: Shweta Poddar Photography

Of course, vintage cars are the go-to option for plenty of grooms who want to keep it classic.

b) On Ghodis or Elephants

We’re aware that traditionally, grooms enter on one of these animals but we’ve also heard from multiple sources how the horse or elephant might not be treated well by their caretakers. If you want to choose this option, it’s best to check with the wedding vendor how they take care of the animal. At the very least, these vendors will realise that grooms are now asking questions about this so it’s time to start treating horses and elephants with kindness.

BONUS! Add-Ons To Make Your Baraat Even More Awesome:

As if these were not enough ideas for the groom’s entry in Indian weddings, there are some more ways in which you can add a unique touch to it.

1. Turn on Some Cold Pyros

Cold pyros on groom's car for wedding entrance
Image courtesy: WeddingNama
Cold pyros held by groom's friends for his entry - groom entry ideas
Image courtesy: Naman Verma

2. Decorate That Vehicle With A Sign

Like “Here Comes Your Groom!”

Decorated vintage car with sign for groom entry in Indian wedding
Image courtesy: 1plus1 Studio

Or “Viraj ki Baraat”

Decorated car with sign for groom entry
Image courtesy: Pink Kurta Weddings

Or a large moustache above the number plate, if the groom has a moustache!

Cool groom entry in a vintage car with moustache sign for a groom with a moustache
Image Courtesy: Dream Diaries

Which idea are you going to pick?

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