11 Reasons Why Print Graphic Design is Still Going Strong in Digital Age


When one thinks of graphic design, things that come to your head are computers and most probably, a web page. However, as a subset of graphic designing, here is one of the most popular methods of graphic designing- print graphic designing. Now, it might ring a bell with most of us.

Print graphic design is not only the most popular, but also one of the strongest possible mediums used by print graphic designers in the graphic designing firms for depicting a message through visuals. Let us simplify and make it easier so that you can relate to this, advertisements that you find on hoardings, magazines, newspapers etc. Those are print graphic designing work examples. Print graphic design is being used for innumerable purposes like printings on t-shirts, patterns on magazine, prints on books, phone cases and so on.

Here we will discuss the extent of print graphic designing usage and how it affects us in day to day life.

Industries That Use Print Graphic Design:

Here are three industries that still find their relevance in print graphic designs and are still going strong in maintaining that relevance.

1. Advertisements

Print graphic designing is used in various industries but it is most popular in advertising industry. whenever a company gets itself advertised in any magazine, newspaper or doing any sort of out of home advertising (apart those digital billboards and banners) obviously using print graphic designing.

2. Marketing

Almost similar to the last one, print graphic design techniques can be used to market your company using various techniques other than advertising, like, brochures, pamphlets, flyers and business cards. All of these items need a proper print designing technique to be created with precision and neatness. You can also go full fledged and put yourself and your business on an advertisement hoard.

3. Merchandise

One of the most popular methods to retain patronage is to ensure that you are part of your customer and this can be done by providing them with merchandise with your presence it, be it a picture or the company’s name etc. This can also be done only with the help of print graphic design.

Why Print Graphic Design Is The Best

Going forward, we will give you four reasons why print graphic designing is still in vogue and how at times it beats the revolution that digital designing has brought about.

1. The touch of it

When you design something for print design, the end results fall into your hands. Be it brochure, flyers or business cards, all items that is related to your company. However, that is not the case when we come up with a graphic design created. Though you get to view the final product, it still remains inside the computer.

2. The process

The process of the entire print graphic design brings together a process and experience that cannot be added by any other graphic designing process. This process has to be entirely pre-planned to every single point at the end, in order to ensure that there are no corrections made during the process of making it.

3. Changing content

Once you publish a new of information on your website, taking it off or accepting that it had something wrong within it, can be really difficult. More difficult can be accepting it and changing it. However, in web media, anything can be changed anywhere, from anywhere.

4. Compatibility

Sometimes, the web design services provided by various apps cannot be installed in your phone because of various stated reasons, which is not a reason that affects the print graphic design in any way.

Products For Print Designing:

These four products have managed to carry forward the significance of print designs and will continue to do so until their existence is unquestioned.

1. Magazines

Most magazines get their revenue by accepting to run various ads about various companies and all these advertisements that come on the final copy are put together, on that page all contribute to the revenue that the magazine makes. These advertisements make use of print graphic design to come out with innovative and neat ideas.

2. Books

Nowadays, every single book that we get in the market is marked with a picture that is printed in the beginning of the pages. It might be anything or that depicts anything, however, it sure does use print graphic designs to come up with it.

3. Fabric

This trend has been going on around for quite a while now. Nowadays, fabric is not painted or printed manually. We majorly provide work to print graphic designs, where all the designs necessary is put together using a user-friendly method and then printed to get a neat and long-standing print on your fabric.

4. Merchandise

 Apart from getting your information getting printed on fabric and books, you can also get stuff printed on objects apart from them, like bags, caps, t-shirts, phone covers, bean bags etc. You can easily get anything of your choice printed on the object that you choose.

We have thus given to you the reasons to never lose hope in print designs. They will keep renewing their relevance and we as audience will keep enjoying them.