11 Blonde Hair Color Shades for Indian Skin Tones

    Good things are best enjoyed in small doses. That’s how we Indian women have worked our way, and our skin, with blonde hair color shades. And ...

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Good things are best enjoyed in small doses. That’s how we Indian women have worked our way, and our skin, with blonde hair color shades. And who wants to go global when highlights, balayage, ombre, and color melt are oh-so-much more fun to wear. As with brown and red, there’s a blonde shade for every skin color. All you need to do is find out whether you have a warm, cool, or neutral skin undertone.


#1 Caramel Blonde

Warm blonde hair color for cool skin

Caramel Blonde hair color
Caramel balayage | Image credit: unknown

Caramel blonde is a great hair color pick to bring some warmth to a cool skin tone. It’s also a ‘safe’ blonde hair color shade for Indian skin tones, which is why caramel highlights are common sight.


#2 Ash Blonde

Cool blonde hair color for warm skin

ash blonde hair color
Cool-toned ash blonde balayage | Image credit: @localhosthoang.n_pham

Warm skin tones with an orange, golden undertone can try this cool blonde hair color shade to strike a balance. If you’re going for an ash blonde balayage, our advice is that the amount of color should be somewhere in the middle. Too much and that would be a little too much of color for the skin tone to handle, too little and it will look little different than grey hairs.


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#3 Honey Blonde

Warm blonde hair color for cool skin

honey blonde hair color
Honey blonde balayage | Image credit: Glaminati

Another popular blonde hair color with Indian skin tones because of its dark tone and warm hue. Honey blonde highlights, or a subtle honey blonde balayage would bring a warm glow to cool skin tones. It’s also a trending hair color style for the winter.


#4 Light Brown

Neutral blonde hair color for all

Light brown hair color
Light brown ombre | Image credit: Unknown

Yes, it’s not blonde shade, but since it is close to bronde (which is all the rage this year), light brown is great neutral brown hair color shade to go with for ombre hair color styles.


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#5 Golden Blonde

Warm blonde hair color for cool skin

golden blonde hair color
Golden blonde ombre | Image credit: Constance Robbins

Who doesn’t love a classic dark brunette with golden blonde highlights. While golden blonde is warm hair color, and best suited for cool skin tones, golden blonde balayage mixed with caramel blonde hints, or even cinnamon or copper red hair color shades makes for a great winter hair color style.


#6 Chestnut Blonde

Warm blonde hair color for cool skin

Chestnut blonde hair color
Chestnut blonde ombre | Image credit: Unknown

If Beyonce is the diva you look up to, this the hair color to wear. Queen B supports this shade of blonde which is a mix of a light chestnut brown and a dull golden blonde. Indians with a cool skin tone could sport a chestnut blonde highlights, mixed in with other blonde tones to add some depth to flat hair.


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#7 Butterscotch Blonde

Warm blonde hair color for cool skin

butterscotch blonde hair color
Butterscotch blonde full color | Image credit: Unknown

Another warm blonde hair color that would look great as highlights or a butterscotch balayage on chocolate brown hair.  


#8 Dusty Rose Blonde

Cool blonde hair color for warm skin

dusty rose blonde hair color
Dusty rose blonde balayage | Image credit: unknown

Love pink? Then this is the shade of blonde hair color for you, especially if you have a warm skin tone. This delicate blonde hair color has a light rose pink glow. It is a pretty versatile too. On its own, a dusty rose blonde highlights or balayage is a soft look to wear, but mixed in with an ash blonde balayage, it suddenly becomes edgy.


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#9 Bronde Blonde/Brown

Neutral blonde hair color for all

Cool bronde with light blonde highlights
Cool bronde balayage with light blonde highlights

Is it blonde? Is it brown? Actually it’s both! Bronde is one of the hottest hair color trends of the year. This neutral shade of blonde / brown would suit any skin undertone. While warm skin tones with a golden glow could wear a cool bronde with light blonde highlights, skin tones on the cool side could mix bronde with butterscotch blonde for a warm blonde balayage.


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#10 Strawberry Blonde

Cool blonde hair color for warm skin

Strawberry Blonde hair color
Strawberry blonde hair color | Image credit: Hair by Larisa Love

There are some shades of blonde we Indian women could only wish we could wear, like strawberry blonde! This cool shade of blonde hair color infuses with strawberry red to give this stunning color. Couple it with dusty rose blonde for a natural balayage.  


#11 Champagne Blonde

Cool blonde hair color for warm skin

Champagne blonde hair color
Ash & champagne color melt | Image credit: unknown

This cool blonde shade would look great in a shadow color melt hair style, that is, dark roots that segue into ash brown and move towards champagne blonde tips. Or you could try an edgy blonde balayage with a champagne, and ash blonde.


Bleached blond hair needs extra care! Get an UrbanClap HAIR SPA done at home today.  


Last Words on Picking Blonde Hair Color Shades

If you’re planning on colouring your hair blonde, you should do your homework on the do’s and don’ts of hair bleach. While bleach is an essential part of hair coloring, it can damage your hair. The easiest thing you can do to protect your hair, is to be very disciplined with your hair care routine. Use organic shampoos, get a hair spa done regularly, and get a regular trim to get rid of split ends.  

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