10 Ways To Creatively Add Ikat Pattern To Your Home Decor!


Up until a few years back, as a traditional textile ikat was mostly used as a saree or a dupatta. But not anymore! The stunning fabric has gained a great fan following in recent years, since it has started being used as an interior design element. We tell you how to subtly add ikat to your humble house to make it look rich and ethnic, while also adding a cool and chic vibe!

Lamp Up!

Catch hold of your local carpenter and get him to make you a vibrant ikat lampshade in cotton or silk to match your decor.  If you want the lamp to be funky, colour the body of the lamp in a totally different shade. For example, if your ikat shade is a bright pink, paint the body a dark green.

Where to buy in Delhi: Pick the ikat of your choice from Lajpat Nagar export market near Rampul, Lepakshi emporium, CP or on Fabriclore. Then, head to Lok Nayak Bhavan or Panchkuian Road for fabrication of your lampshade. You can also accentuate it with laces and tassels according to your taste.

Deck the Bed

An upholstered ikat headboard is an apt addition to brighten up the ambience of the room and make it aesthetically pleasing. As shown in the picture, you can match the ikat print of the headboard with the wall or vice versa. It’s best advised to engage a trustworthy upholster to carry out a good job!

A Traditional Trivet  

10 Ways To Creatively Add Ikat Pattern To Your Home Decor!

Ditch the regular coaster and make yourself a set of trivets like I did! It’s fairly simple.  Pick an ikat fabric of your choice and get it framed from a local frame shop. Voila! Your trivet will be ready to be flaunted on a side table, a cabinet or even your beautiful console.

Where to buy Ikat fabric in Delhi:

  • KC Creations, Lajpat Nagar
  • Fabrics2buy, 86, Nehru Place
  • The Fabric People, Shahpur Jat
  • Central Cottage Industries Emporium, CP
  • Online on Jaypore

Once you have the fabric of your choice in hand, go to a local painting-wallah to get the ikat framed in an appropriate size or shape.

Robe Art

10 Ways To Creatively Add Ikat Pattern To Your Home Decor!

Even though the robe in the picture is from Uzbekistan, you can make it on your own. Purchase some lovely ikat from the market and printed fabric to go with it. Head to your local tailor and have it switched. To lend it a royal touch, get it framed in gold or silver. Hang it in the middle of your drawing room surrounded by miniature art in colourful small frames – like a unique gallery wall!

See a unique, eclectic style gallery wall in the home of an interior stylist!

The more, the merrier

Image Courtesy: Pixie Pixels on Etsy

Buy six different ikat prints of the same colour and get them framed. Place them all together on a wall or group them in twos or threes – another way to get a unique gallery wall!

#UrbanCompanyEasyHack: If you don’t want to scout for fabrics, you could just grab these ikat pattern freebies, print them on paper and frame them! And if you’d rather go for a single pretty ikat pattern, print a freebie like this one) and you can even skip the gallery wall process.

Learn the basics of Gallery Walls here.

Pretty Wall Paper

Image Courtesy: Pixie Pixels on Etsy

Enhance the decor of your bathroom with colourful ikat wallpaper. On a cooler note, you can even use contrasting ikat wallpapers for different walls of the bathroom. Throw in hip bathroom accessories and fresh flowers and your favourite place in the whole house will be ready!

Where to buy in Delhi:

  • Cottons ‘n’ Satins, Meherchand Market
  • Good Earth, Khan Market

Ikkat & Origami

Don’t they say it takes two to tango? Well, team an ikat bedcover with matching or contrasting pillow covers with origami birds and a wooden table. They will make a stellar combination! Otherwise, team a monochrome bedcover with ikat pillow covers in a totally different or crazy colour. It will be magic!

Where to buy in Delhi:

  • Lepakshi Emporium, CP
  • Sakshi Export Collection, Shop no 140, Sarojini Nagar
  • Translate Handwoven Ikat, Hauz Khas Village
  • Sarita Handa

Sofa so good

Image courtesy: World Market

It makes for the perfect statement sofa! As a go-to global fabric, an ikat sofa can enliven the most traditional or contemporary room.  Dress up your Bridgewater or Lawson-style sofa in ikat silk with plain matching cushions. Or transform your room into something more majestic by upholstering your Chaise lounge with a thick ikat in deep hues.

Where to buy: Hire a capable carpenter and a nice interior designers in mumbai or go to GulmoharLane.com  

For Classy Dining

Image Courtesy: Amazon India

Buy a set of striking ikat crockery for your dining table. You can opt for dining plates, platters (as shown in the picture) or even soup bowls. Spread a plain-coloured table cover and lay out your ikat finery to create a superb style statement!

Where to buy in Delhi & Online:

We hope you’re sold on ikat. It’s such a versatile century’s old fabric that you can be really creative with it.

Can you think of more ways of using ikat?

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