10 Super Trendy Hairstyles For Short Hair




Short hair is definitely the trend of the season. The super short hair burst onto the scene in the 60’s swinging London and now they make a glorious comeback. With international and Indian celebrities sporting short hair in all its glory, this may be a good time to experiment with it. Considering how hot it already is and is going to be!

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Short hair includes everything from the voluminous bob to the side swept short pixie. You may think that long hair gives you more styles for every occasion, but get to know the versatility of the short crop. Apart from convenience of maintaining, they also help you look super trendy! It is also a myth that long hair is synonymous to femininity. Short hair add the personality and the individuality that long hair just can’t.

Here are some styles for you to try this 2017!

The layered bob cut

Remember the Rachel cut? How big a rage it had become and it still stays with us. Stars from Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu, Anushka Sharma on the home turf to international stars like Jennifer Aniston and Tailor Swift have sported it. Layered bob cut comes in a variety of lengths and finishes. Depending on your face cut and hair volume, this cut can make a lot of difference. Go for it if you have thin hair, to add that extra volume. Textured bobs look great on thin and dense hair equally. Curly or wavy hair run a risk of sporting a style that would settle in a triangular fashion, making it unappealing.

Asymmetrical bob cut

Essentially the asymmetrical bob means that one side of your hair is longer than the other. Or the front is longer than the back. The asymmetrical bob is for the brave hearted and the ones who want their style to be edgier. Rihanna has gone from this style to the waved pixie, and pulls off both with aplomb! Go for an asymmetrical cropped cut with spiral curls and choppy layers. You can also add a little bit of colour on the roots and the ends. You will have a lot of fun styling this hair every morning!


There is the long pixie and there is the short pixie, and both look absolutely cute! The pixie cut is the flavour of Hollywood and you will see many celebrities sporting it. Jennifer Lawrence is someone who is synonymous to the look and won’t we all love to look like that!

Messy bessy

How often do you get to call mess, sexy? Well on your hair you certainly can! It comes naturally to those with wavy hair and you can add to the style with coloured streaks that work for you! For slightly longer hair (than the pixie) just scrunch your hair with a little oil and serum. While for the pixie short, invest in a good gel.

The 40s

There is a reason why Marlyn Monroe or Hedy Lamarr are considered style icons even now. Not only was their style impeccable but ahead of its time. A mix of finger waves and curls, this style adds the perfect feminine charm. From the home ground someone who sports this classic look is Madhuri Dixit. Need we say more?

Poker straight & short

Smart, casual and yet you mean business! Poker straight short hair also goes pretty well with bangs. You can have it as short as you want and also a little longer like Kalki.

Short bangs

The make over of Anne Hathaway in her debut movie (The Princess Diaries) may have been a much needed one, but in reality this is one star who sets trends. The pixie short cut with bangs have never looked this good and comfortable!

The short undercut

Source: pinterest.com

Undercuts are a trend that add the edgy character to any hair cut. Be it long or short hair. With super short hair, undercuts are not just easily visible, but also look more stylish. Try it out and you wouldn’t have to add anything more to your look.

Short and curls

Source: wallpapersite.com

The queen herself has sported this look for long now. Curls get more defined when the hair is shorter and the resultant look is extremely unique. Can you spot anyone in Bollywood who is anywhere close to looking like her? If your hair is naturally curly like mine, the job becomes much easier.

Super short!

I can’t frankly think of anyone better than Halle Berry who has sported super short hair with such confidence. This made its debut way back when she was a Bond girl and still piques everyone’s interest. This is one style that exudes confidence!

Go ahead and try these styles this summer. You can mix it up too by going for a layered bob and undercuts. Trust your salon professional to advice you what would suit you the best. As far as maintaining it is concerned, our salon at home experts from Urban Company are always a click away!