10 Summer Makeup Hacks to Protect Your Skin from Damage


Save yourself a lot of heartache and time with some of the best tips for makeup in summer!

Summer is a time for bright colours and fun dresses, playful shades and untied tresses! It’s always a delight if you can add to your look with some makeup, as many like to do. Summer, however, tends to make that a difficult proposition. With the temperatures rising, many suffer the brunt of skin damage. But fear not, we have some hacks to protect you all through this weather!

1. Moisturise


It may sound counter-intuitive to use moisturizer in a season when you’re prone to sweating  profusely, but moisturizing in summer is the most important thing to do. Sweating unblocks the pores and drains all the moisture from the skin. Slathering on healthy amounts of moisturising cream after bathing is the best idea during summer.

2. Primer

Primers are an absolute must for summers. Whether or not you use it in other seasons, a primer is the best way to prepare and even out your skin tone and texture. Primer is the best way to combat shiny skin without caking on any makeup for it. It doesn’t block pores and allows the skin to breathe, which is an important balance to maintain in summer.

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3. Change your Foundation

Cream-based foundations work very well except in summer. With the temperatures rising, it’s a better idea to ditch as many creams as you can. Switch over to powders on top of the primer to help the foundation stay for longer. Another advantage of powder foundations is that they prevent your makeup from matting up as you go about your day.

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4. Less is More

Summer is colourful and bright, but it’s also sweltering hot and it’ll make you sweat. No matter what elements of makeup you decide to put on, try and keep the total amount of products on your face at the lowest possible. The heat makes makeup move around, so the lesser there is the easier it is to handle.

5. Ditch the Shimmer

Irrespective of what kind of makeup you put on, your skin will sweat in summer. It may only be a little bit, but there will be some sweat that makes it through the products you apply. And sweat on your skin in the summer heat will glimmer – more so under the sun. If you use makeup glimmer to add a dash of liveliness to your skin, the sweat will mingle with it and you will have too much glimmering. So, for the summer months, ditching the glimmer is a good idea.

6. Save the deep colours for other seasons

While all the previous tips were based on heat and practicality, this one is based entirely on fashion sense. Summer is the right season for light, bright colours or nude shades. It is not recommendable to wear dark colours for two reasons: one is that darker colours attract more heat and the other is that they do not flatter the shape or volume of your face in the summer.  Deep, rich colours are best reserved for the less bright seasons.

7. Make your Eyeshadow Last Longer

Applying eye shadow on top of foundation or naked eyelids in the summer makes it mat up and start coming off at the creases. The best idea is to apply eye primer evenly onto the eyelids before using your eye shadow. This gives the eye shadow something to cling on to so that it stays in place for longer even if the skin itself becomes oily or sweaty.

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8. Switch Up your Blush

On an average summer day, the heat and sweat will make you have to touch up your foundation and blush multiple times a day. As mentioned before, it’s highly advisable to avoid foundation creams but in their absence, it gets difficult to make powder blushes last. You can switch to using gel blushes and stains instead for the summer. Top it off with a light smattering of setting powder that will help ensure that your skin doesn’t shine. Using stains or gel blushes will help in making them last longer and at the same time, it will eliminate the need for as many touch ups as your usual powder blushes will necessitate.

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9. Blot Every Time

If you follow the above tips, you’re likely to need significantly fewer touch ups through the day. However, you will need it at least once irrespective of the season. It is very important to ensure that you carry blotting paper or soft wipes with you everywhere you go if you’re wearing makeup. Summers tend to make the skin secrete oils and sweat – it is there even if you can’t see it. In order to keep the pores open and breathing, it is highly recommended that you dab your face with blotting paper and remove all the excess makeup that may be moving around thanks to these secretions. Do a touch up only after dabbing. This will not only keep your skin healthier but it will also make your touched-up makeup last longer.

10. Waterproof Everything

The most obvious aspect of summer is sweat. You can be certain that you’ll be sweating more than usual, which means the chances of your makeup staying in place are automatically lower than they would be in other seasons. You may find yourself  dabbing it away constantly, taking away a little bit of your makeup every time. So in order to further reduce the number of times you may need to touch up, you can make sure that your makeup products are waterproof wherever possible. Kohl, eyeliner, and mascara may not seem like they need to be waterproof, but you may end up with raccoon eyes unless they are.

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