A Mini-Moon Instead of a Honeymoon? YES, this is a thing now!

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Apart from your wedding, what’s the one thing you have spent hours daydreaming about? I’ll take a bet it’s your dream honeymoon!

The Downside Of The Traditional Honeymoon

Now that we’re older, we all know that the only thing more exhausting than a week-long wedding is a month-long travel plan. As a generation, we’re also really lucky to have enough time getting to know our partner before we get married – so much so that we would like to focus on the time after the wedding getting to know the family. And with our hectic careers, taking time out for a long long vacay is nearly as impossible as getting your favourite wedding photographer’s dates.

Enter, the mini-moon.

What’s That?

Quite simply, right after the wedding, it’s those 2-3 days you and your partner take off for a long weekend to unwind, relax and recuperate before you dive headfirst into married life – quite literally!

Not only is a mini-moon less expensive, but it also allows you to chill and relax, as opposed to cramming in several Insta-worthy photo ops and destinations in one long schedule.

A huge added bonus is that a mini-moon also allows you to take several trips across your first year to nearby destinations. Alternatively, you can save up and splurge on your dream destination a few months down the line or even the year after.

Expert Speak

Aakriti Ahuja, a boutique travel consultant, shares “These days with the mini-moon trend catching on, destinations like Maldives, Bali and Sri Lanka are all the rage with newly married couples!”

For some, a mini-moon is simply an excuse to delay their big honeymoon till the weather improves. After all, Finland in the summer and Spain in the winter just doesn’t sound that fun!

To Sum Up

Some of the big pros of choosing a mini-moon are:

  1. You don’t have to take too much time off work in one big chunk
  2. You’ve already spent a lot on your wedding, so spend some time creating savings for a future splurge-worthy honeymoon
  3. It’s less hectic since you spend a handful of days at a nearby location focussing on unwinding and spending quality time with your partner (vs rushing around an exotic locale because you have just spent so much money to be here)

So what’s your pick – the honeymoon or the mini-moon?

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