Wedding Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs to Know! Part 1

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It might not have been the easiest task in the world, but you’ve finally done it – you’ve found your wedding makeup artist! But if you think that’s where your “Wedding Makeup” task ends, think again. Now that you’ve found “the one”, you have to prepare your skin to look it’s best and decide your wedding day look in detail.

This is Part 1 of Wedding Makeup Tips where we talk about 7 things every bride needs to know in the months and days leading up to her wedding. You can read Part 2 here.

1. Try the new stuff early on

Don’t try anything new on your wedding day. For example, if you’re planning on using fake eyelashes on D-day, do a trial with them in advance. You want to make sure you’re comfortable wearing them, and that you know how to apply and take them off. Of course, your MUA will help you apply it, but do understand from her how to take it off and clean your eyes properly after removal.

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2. Communicate with your MUA

Meet your makeup artist in advance and talk to her –

  • About your skin: Talk to her about your skin type and any skin concerns you may have (such as acne, pigmentation, dry skin, etc). Allowing for your MUA to learn about your skin will go a long way in helping her decide what kind of products to use on your face on wedding day. For example, if you have oily skin, your MUA will ensure she uses products that help keep your skin looking as matte as possible.
  • About pre-bridal treatments: Ask her which treatments you need to get done. A parlour will usually recommend every single item on their pre-bridal services menu to you, but it is your MUA who will tell you exactly what needs to get done, and what is non-essential for you. For example, you may need to have your face bleached, but that expensive facial might not be required if your skin is problem-free.
  • About your wedding day look: Save photos of celebrities, models and other brides whose makeup you like a lot, and share them with your makeup artist. It will give her an idea of your makeup style preference – some like it natural while others don’t mind some colour or going bold with their eyes. Also bring along your outfits (or pictures of them) and discuss with the MUA what kind of hairstyle and colour palette will work with each of the outfits. As much as possible, plan in advance. Well thought-out plans have a way of reducing stress, and which bride doesn’t want that?
  • About your lipstick: Irrespective of whether any other part of your makeup will need touch-ups or not, your lipstick definitely well. And when it starts to fade on your wedding, you will need to re-apply it. Ask your MUA if she will allow you to borrow the lipstick/lipgloss she’s used on you overnight (some do). If she does not allow it, ask her for names of 2-3 lipstick shades you should buy and keep to use on that day.

3. Prepare your skin to get the best makeup result

While you should discuss skin care with your makeup artist, you will also have to do additional work on preparing your skin to look amazing. For example, visiting a dermatologist if you have skin issues, having vitamin supplement, etc. Read more skin care tips for brides by a top Delhi makeup artist.

4. Get your makeup fundamentals right

Even if you have not touched makeup your whole life, it is essential to learn the basics before your big day. The reason? While your bridal MUA will be an expert, there are some things even she might miss in a hurry. For example, she might forget to apply foundation on your neck, chest and back but if you know your basics, you can remind her. Help them help you.

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5. Hire TWO makeup artists

If you will have your family members or friends with you while you get your makeup done, they will likely be getting ready at the same time as you are. You should hire a separate person for your family’s makeup instead of relying on a single person. It will save everyone a lot of stress, as your MUA gets to focus on only you while the others don’t get neglected.

6. Dupatta draping style

The designer is the only person who knows the correct way to drape your dupatta, and you should click a picture on your phone to show it to your MUA. Once again, help them help you.

Of course, you can also look for dupatta draping styles online and find one you like. But do make sure your dupatta is long enough to drape in that particular style, as some drapes require longer fabric.

Image courtesy: Namrata Soni Makeup Artist

7. Bridal Facial Timing

Get your facial done atleast 2 days prior to your first wedding function. The skin on your face is left in a sensitive state for a day or two after a facial, and you should avoid applying any makeup on it during this time. So if your Haldi is on a Friday, get your facial done latest by Wednesday.

If you’re wondering which facial is right for you, check out our Bride’s Guide to Facials.

Or go to Part 2 of the Wedding Makeup Tips series – The Essential Getting Ready Guide to Read ON Your Wedding Day.

Do you have any wedding makeup tips to share with fellow brides? We’d love to hear from you!

Featured image courtesy: Tamanna Makeup Artist

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