Brides Who Left Their Hair Open (No-Bun Wedding Hairstyles!)

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If you’re picking your wedding hairstyle, you’re likely thinking – a bridal bun. But what if you’re not comfortable putting your hair up in a bun? Can you leave it open?

Is that practical for an Indian wedding?

The answer lies with all these brides who left their hair open on their big day – YES!

First, have a look at all the different ways these brides styled their open hair wedding look –

1. Borla matha patti with middle parting and teased crown of hair

Image courtesy: Aniket Mazumdar

2. Round maang tikka in middle-parted hair, with a red sari

Image courtesy: Fotowalle

3. Sleek & straight hair with multi-chained matha patti

Image courtesy: Imprint Studio

4. Sideswept hair with light curls and slight puff at the crown

Image courtesy: Shreya Sen Photography

5. Soft waves with braids at the crown with a maang tikka

Image courtesy: Artfoto

6. Side parted slightly puffed straight hair with Christian Bride’s veil set at the back of the head

Image courtesy: Feathertree by Aviraj

7. Loosely braided (almost open) hairstyle with pearl pins that comes over one shoulder

Image courtesy: Vishal Kadam

8. Open hair with loose curls and middle parting with maang tikka

9. Loose waves in half up half down hairstyle

Image courtesy: Makeup Artist Jasmeet Kampany

10. Natural waves with maang tikka and loosely side-parted hairstyle

Image courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

What To Keep In Mind If I Am Considering An Open Hairstyle –

  1. Open hair suits brides with a round face a lot more than a bridal bun! So you should definitely consider it.
  2. Make sure your dupatta is super light. Since you’re sans bun, there’s not much for the dupatta to hold onto to stay on your head. Your hairstylist will only be able to keep a light-weight dupatta in place with a handful of pins. If it’s heavy, you literally have no option but to go for a bridal bun.
  3. Open hair is a bad idea for windy venues (especially beaches!) and any outdoor summer weddings since the heat (and consequently the sweating) will make you uncomfortable.
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