Everything You Need To Know About Airbrush Makeup For Brides

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airbrush bridal makeup for wedding

Airbrush has been a popular pick for bridal makeup in recent years, but there are so many questions brides have about it. We’ve gathered every single piece of information you need to know about airbrush bridal makeup, so that you can easily figure out whether it is for you or not.

1. What is Airbrush Makeup?

A light-weight makeup applied through a spray gun machine that produces a thin, even layer of makeup and creates a very skin-like finish.

2. What kind of effect will it give my skin?

Airbrushed foundation gives a polished and porcelain-like effect to your face. It looks pretty flawless on brides who don’t have any major skin issues.

3. Is there a specific type of foundation and makeup for airbrush technique?

Yes, they’re more liquid in consistency so that they can be sprayed into a fine mist. While both water and silicon-based foundations are available in the market, silicon is most preferred for use on brides since it lasts longer.

4. Which skin type does it suit?

Girls who want a sheer, barely there feel to their foundations should also use airbrush makeup. It is best suited to ALL skin types if the skin is prepped and primed well.

If you have very bad skin with acne, scars or lines, it’s still preferred to use Airbrush makeup! Yes, it is extremely sheer & most people think that it might not help cover problem areas – it, in fact, works wonderfully if you conceal it right & use airbrush on top. Manual blush & contour always pops the problem area out in problem skin. Airbrushing shows the least amount of skin texture if done right.

5. Advantages of airbrush makeup

  • Since it is sheer, your skin shows through and so it looks more natural! It never looks cakey as it comes out in a sheer mist.
  • Makeup is perfectly blended without any effort, every single time. The makeup looks well-blended because the technique allows for it naturally.
  • In the airbrush technique, the foundation oxidizes with the air as it’s sprayed out from the gun, so you see the true colour as soon as it’s on your face. Whereas, with other makeup application techniques, the true colour for the foundation takes 15-20 minutes to show up.
  • You can mix different foundation shades to find the perfect match.
  • It gives the bridal makeup artist a high level of control, in terms of coverage (which can be built from very sheer to high coverage)
  • Airbrush makeup is actually a saviour for the brides with oily skin, problematic skin and skin with dents and crates as the silicone-based makeup stays all day long and acts as a filler.
  • It’s a highly precise way of applying makeup, which is why the MUA can go in and out of problem areas easily. Which is why, contrary to popular opinion, airbrush is actually a better technique for problem skin since you can control how much makeup to apply on these areas. Yes, it’s more sheer but on HD cameras, the problem showing through slightly looks better than cakey prominent makeup.
  • Feels light-weight on your skin.

6. Is there any situation where you should avoid airbrush?

The only reason to avoid airbrush makeup should be if it doesn’t fit within your budget. Otherwise, it’s one of the most versatile forms of makeup making you look naturally flawless

7. Is it true it’s better for certain weather conditions & skin types?

Not really, because you can choose the products that are used based on your requirements. A good Makeup Artist will use the right makeup products, taking skin type and weather conditions into consideration.

Some examples of how airbrush makeup can be used on every bride:

  • An outdoor or monsoon wedding would require silicon-based foundations, as would a bride with oily skin.
  • A bride with dry skin needn’t shy away from airbrush. Her makeup artist should just ensure her skin is properly primed and hydrated before applying the suitable products.

8. How do I know if my makeup artist knows how to correctly apply airbrush?

Always ask your MUA whether they are a certified Airbrush Makeup Artist. If they have undergone a certification, they will surely do justice to airbrush makeup. The end result needs to look flawless and not patchy. Also, remember Airbrush still needs manual concealing techniques so your MUA needs to be an all-rounder.

9. Are there makeup trials available for airbrush?

This differs from MUA to MUA. Usually, they would offer a trial where they would do half airbrush and half face with manual makeup so you can see the difference. They are most likely to charge for it as airbrushing is expensive.

10. What is the cost like?

This again differs from MUA to MUA. The difference in airbrush and manual makeup can range between Rs 5,000-Rs 10,000.

11. Any tips to ensure that a bride makes the best out of her airbrush makeup?

Always remember the key to flawless makeup will be great skin. So start by taking care of your skin to have a natural glow. Read the ultimate skin care guide for brides to learn how.

12. What’s the one thing brides don’t know about airbrush makeup?

It is a very different technique of makeup involving expertise and tools. You need to be in the hands of a reputable MUA for airbrush makeup. Your wedding day is not the day you would want to experiment. It’s important to look and feel like yourself and feel confident in your skin. Airbrush helps you achieve the same.

13. Things to keep in mind

MUA should be experienced and comfortable, and certified!

  • Because of the technique involved, the makeup comes out in a thin, even layer and gives a skin-like finish. The fine mist makes your true skin tone show through, so it’s the most natural looking finish that’s never cakey.
  • This is waterproof makeup and as long as you “dab” tears and sweat (and don’t wipe them away), it can last upto 16 hours.

14. Is airbrush makeup recommended for ALL brides?

It’s most definitely long-lasting, especially if a silicon-based foundation is used. The durability of airbrush makeup makes it ideal for Indian brides, who have to sit through 10+ hour days on their wedding.

As mentioned earlier, a good makeup artist will use airbrush in the way that best suits your requirements.

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