Wedding Planning Tips No One Tells You About: Blogger Bride Sherry Shroff Reveals!

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Sherry Shroff, the famous beauty YouTuber, married her model boyfriend, Vaibhav Talwar, in a gorgeous ceremony last year. Their wedding sent brides on a pinning-spree – her Gaurav Gupta gown was stunning and she pulled off short hair & winged eyeliner like a #bossbride!

It’s almost been a year since their Mumbai wedding and the couple got together on their YouTube channel “Coupling” recently to break down 8 wedding planning tips no one tells you about. While you can watch the whole video here, we put together a summary of our favourite pointers here for you busy brides to quickly read through!

TIP NO. 1: Don’t Have A Stage

Why: This is the exact opposite of what you’ve always seen. But you get stuck on the stage and remain restricted to that area. And come on, everyone knows how awkward it gets with relatives standing in a queue for photographs!

Instead, get onto the dance floor and take pictures with relatives and friends there. It’s a better option than getting surrounded by them on stage any day.

Photo Courtesy: Vows and Tales

TIP NO. 2: Personalise Things

Why: Indian weddings are all about religious practices and so breaking the monotony with some twist can add spice to your wedding.

Do what you want to do – have speeches, get personalised candy! All these can create beautiful moments which are very close and personal to you. For eg. Vaibhav, the groom, entered the venue with his mother <3

TIP NO. 3: Stop pouring your money on FLOWERS!

Why: Let’s admit it – flowers and decor cost a lot of money.

Instead, keep the flowers just for table centrepieces and mix in lots of lights in the decor! Chinese lamps & fairytale lights are easy to incorporate.

TIP NO. 4: Select the VENUE first

Why: Most venues have their own decorators and caterers “on a panel” and if you select vendors from outside, it can cause problems.

Select a venue like a club where you can wisely invest in decor and vendors.

Photo Courtesy: Shutterdown Photography

TIP NO. 5: No excessive Bridal+Groom beauty treatment is required

Why: People go crazy and get 6 months of beauty treatments done – they are a waste of money!

Dedicate a week but more than that is not useful UNLESS you have a serious skin problem.

TIP NO. 6: Wedding Announcements Are A Good Idea!

Why: If you want to keep your wedding guest list small by Indian standards (150-200 people), then wedding announcements are a good option for the people you couldn’t invite.

After your wedding, send a box of wedding favours or simply sweets & a card saying that because of the restriction on the number of guests, we are sending out a small token of love from our side to tell you that We Remember You.

Photo Courtesy: Vows and Tales

For the rest of the tips, you can watch the complete video here.

All Photos Courtesy: The Wedding Crashers

Do you have any wedding planning tips to share that you wished someone had told you about? 


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