14 Easy Ways To Make Your Indian Wedding Invite Stand Out!

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Did you know there are many easy ways to spruce up your Indian wedding card design? We know a lot of you just want to pick a standard template and add your own wordings, but consider this – your invite gives the guests a first look into what to expect from your wedding.

And there are some really simple ways to make your card stand out. No one wants their wedding to be anything less than special, so why should your invite be?

We’re listing down 14 Ways in which you can make your wedding card design special, and you can just pick and choose one (or three!) of these ideas to make yours unique!

1. Use A Wax Seal

A wax seal to close your envelope is a huge trend these days. And they look GORGEOUS! You can either a customised monogram wax seal or one that says something as simple as “Love”!

Image courtesy: 1plus1 Studio
Designed by CreateAFlutter
From Mansha’s Pin-Worthy Real Wedding // Designed by CreateAFlutter

2. Seal It With A Customised Sticker

Brides and grooms often seal the envelope with a plain golden sticker, but there are alternatives!

You can choose to go simple and add your monogram –

Designed by Customizing Creativity

Or add beautiful artwork behind your “wedding logo” –

Designed by CreateAFlutter

You can choose a unique shape custom-made! Like this laser-cut flower sticker –

Designed by Customizing Creativity

3. A Laser-Cut Pocket

You know the part of the card that holds the Inserts? It doesn’t have to be a plain rectangle. You can make the pocket add some wow-factor to the card’s design!

This laser-cut pocket is the main design element in an otherwise plain white & gold card –

Designed by Artsy Design Co

A unique laser-cut pocket in a blue and gold theme wedding card –

Designed by Artsy Design Co
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4. Wrap It Up With A Unique Ribbon or String!

You don’t HAVE to opt for a Jacket for your invite (that houses the Inserts). Instead, you can have multiple inserts (for Sangeet, Reception, Wedding, etc) held together with a piece of fabric or paper – and this ribbon-like element can be the special element in your card.

Here are some examples to make your wedding card creative!

Burlap ribbon for rustic theme wedding card –

Designed by PerfectInvites.In

Strings are a popular alternative to ribbons –

Designed by PerfectInvites.In

A patterned butter paper is a popular choice to hold inserts – 

Designed by SDS

5. Envelope Liner

When a guest opens your wedding invite, the inside of the envelope can we lined with a different colour (from the envelope), an illustration or a beautiful print – the options are endless!

A white wedding card with a pastel pink envelope liner –

Designed by Customizing Creativity

A floral print envelope liner with the bride & groom’s initials –

Designed by Mr. & Mrs.

A unique illustrated envelope liner for a Save The Date printed invite –

A printed envelope liner –

Designed by The Murphy Studio

6. A Unique Envelope Outer Flap!

Before the guests even open the wedding invite, you can give them some eye-candy with a designed envelope flap!

Matching the card’s theme – 

Designed by Customizing Creativity

A unique print that catches your eye – 

Laser-cut envelope flaps are next-level fancy!

Designed by Customizing Creativity

7. A Customised Stamp on the Front of the Envelope

Most couples don’t think too much about the front of their envelope, but you can easily make it stand out with personalised stamps.

You can add cute custom-made “stamps” on top of the envelope (like this cat & flower!) –

Designed by Swati Katyal

Or add the bride & groom’s names with the wedding date in the form of a customised stamp like the talented Suneet Sidhu did in this creative invite designed by her design studio CreateAFlutter –

Designed by CreateAFlutter

8. A Beautifully Designed Address Label

In addition to personalised stamps, you can also create a special address label.

A laser-cut floral design sticker –

Designed by CreateAFlutter

A watercolour backdrop for the address label –

Designed by CreateAFlutter

Hire a calligraphy expert to add names & addresses in this beautiful writing style –

Designed by VS Calligraphy Designs

9. Add Tassels

Something as simple as adding your wedding logo to the invite, through the use of tassels that hang delicately, can make your invite stand out.

Designed by Studio 13

10. A Hand-Painted or Illustrated Map

You know how you print a standard map and paste it at the back of each insert? You can make this element of the card stand out by getting an illustrator or graphic designer to create a colourful, beautiful map giving directions to the venues!

A colourful map for a destination wedding –

Designed by Pink Kurta Weddings

Watercolour Maps –

Designed by Divya Chaturvedi
Design by VS Calligraphy Designs

11. Opt for a Creative Wedding Card Design or Theme

This is the most effort-intense option: pick a theme and have your invite designer create a customised card for you.

It can be in the form of postcards if you’re having a destination wedding.

Designed by Itchha Talreja Designs

Or illustrated cards with sketches of the bride and groom –

Designed by Swati Katyal

12. Just Add A Quote!

This is the simplest way to make your wedding card design special. Add a love quote you and your spouse-to-be relate to, or add a generic quote about sharing the joy.

This couple added “Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After” on the envelope –

Designed by Itchha Talreja Designs

Get more help with wedding card wordings here.

13. Play With The Inserts Design

No, it doesn’t always have to be a standard rectangle or square. You can choose circular inserts. If you do end up choosing a standard shape, you can play around the the edges!

Scalloped edges are one option –

Designed by Artsy Design Co.

Or gold-foiled edges to give it a luxurious look – 

Designed by The Murphy Studio

14. A Reusable Box

While plenty of couples send along a box with their cards, choosing a box that guests can reuse later (and so must look beautiful) is a great way to make your wedding invite memorable.

This is a unique box idea from a recent Indian wedding –

Designed by Studio Works Co.

We hope you pick some of these ideas to make your own wedding card design a little more special.

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Featured Image courtesy: CreateAFlutter

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