The Ultimate Beach Honeymoon Checklist: What To Pack

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Maldives, Bora Bora or Goa – a beach honeymoon is on the wishlist for so many brides. The sun, the skies, the endless waters and you with the love of your life. Sounds pretty perfect to us!

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There’s no room for anything to go wrong on the most special trip of your lives. Couples have forgotten everything from sunglasses to packing a waterproof sunscreen! We don’t want you getting sunburnt, or forgetting any of the essentials (and even some non-essentials!) So whether you plan to indulge in water sports, go for a nearby trek or just laze around on the beach, we’ve created THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE checklist for beach honeymoons. You won’t miss a thing. So make sure you read this before you pack!

Beach Honeymoon checklist

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Things to keep in mind before you start packing:

  • Check the weather of the place you’re visiting for the dates of your travel.
  • Keep a list of activities that you might indulge in. For example, you may need trekking shoes.
  • Keep a variety of colours to make sure that your pictures come out unique for each day. 
  • Since you’re mostly going to be under the water, carry at least 3-5 pairs of swimsuits.
  • Do not forget to pack an extra pair of flip flops in case you break one.
  • Think Bohemian style while packing your outfits. The beach is no place to look serious, especially on your honeymoon!
  • Don’t shy away from showing skin. Pack outfits with cut-outs, etc that allow your skin to breathe. Think playsuits, rompers and maxis.
  • Stick to stylish shoes that are flat AND cute, such as gladiators with tassels and pom poms for daytime and glitter for the night.

Beach Honeymoon Checklist

Image courtesy: Jodi Clickers

The Ultimate “What To Pack For Your Honeymoon” Checklist

*Clothes & Footwear*

#1 Summer Tops for Day Time (5-6 depending on the number of days)

#2 Shorts for the Beach & Water Sports (Keep at least 2 pairs)

#3 Tank Tops, Halters & Tube Tops (Great for daytime)

#4 Flowy Maxis and Skirts (You’ll thank us for these)

#5 Flowy Evening Wear (Bodycon is not a great option for partying on the beach)

#6 PJ Sets for Lazy Breakfasts (yes, get some cute designs and yes, it’s worth spluring on one or two!)

#7 3-4 Pairs of Sleeping Lingerie (It is your honeymoon ;))

#8 Warm Cover (Jackets / Shawls – basically, LAYERS. These will be helpful on the flight as well)

#9 Jeans (In case you’re visiting a temple etc)

#10 Comfortable Evening Shoes

#11 Trekking Shoes

*Beach Essentials*

#1 3-5 Pairs of Swimwear

#2 2-3 stylish & cute cover-ups / Sarongs

#3 Beach Slippers (Flip flops)

#4 Beach Towel

#5 Sun-Bathing Oil (Self-explanatory)

#6 Waterproof pouch/bag (To carry to the beach / change)

#7 Large Beach Bag (Make sure it’s light-weight for ease of carrying around all day)


#1 Jewellery (Check for jewellery that won’t get ruined under water)

#2 Straw Hats (You’ll need them at the beach)

#3 A Pair of Sunglasses (and a spare, cheaper pair that you can wear without worry in the water & on the sand)

#4 Boho Clutches (Think beach parties!)


#1 Waterproof Sunscreen (genuinely waterproof! Banana Boat is a good brand for these)

#2 Waterproof Makeup

#3 Aloe Vera Gel (To heal sunburn)

#4 Body Mists (or your favourite perfume) and Lotions (Want to smell good all the time, don’t you?)

#5 Hair-Oil (For nourishment, salty water can wreak havoc on your hair)

#6 Toiletries (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Skincare and the like)


#1 Camera & Spare Batteries

#2 Medicines & Ointments (For sunburn, bug bites, etc)

#3 Waterproof Watch (If you can’t do without one)

#4 Protection (No need to be hush-hush about this one)

#5 Umbrella / Rain Coat (Check for weather conditions, carry only if a necessity)

#6 Important documents (Passports, Booking printouts, e-booking files saved on phone, etc)

#7 And the obvious basics if you’re travelling abroad – the local currency, international sim card, etc.


Do you think our list has you prepared for your perfect beach honeymoon? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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