The *Last Minute* Essentials Checklist for Brides: 1 Month Before The Wedding

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There’s SO much for a bride to do one month before her wedding. Planning for your wedding remains arduous till the very last minute. From pre-bridal sessions to sorting out the pre-wedding shoot and packing for the honeymoon, it’s easy to miss out on some MAJOR items in the rush. To make sure you are able to keep track of what needs to be done in the last month before the big day, we’ve created a checklist of sorts of essential things you need to tick off to ensure a smooth sailing event for you.

#1 Last Trial

gautPhoto Courtesy: Fotowalle

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Make sure that you try your clothes on and do a dress rehearsal again at home. Even though your outfits may have fitted you perfectly at the designers’, you may have gained or lost weight after that and to look perfect for your wedding, a few minor alterations may be needed in your outfits.

#2 Wedding Lingerie

wedding lingerie shopping

This is also the best time to shop for your wedding lingerie, to make sure the fit is at its best. Your outfits are all going to be in place by now, and you can purchase your coordinated lingerie according to your outfits.

#3 Tally Accessories

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Photo Courtesy: Fotowalle

You may not even realise it, but your wedding outfit may be missing a crucial element like a matching bindi, hair accessory, perfectly matching shoes etc. Put your complete outfits together to make sure that everything is in place.

#4 Confirmed Guest-list

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Most of your guests would have confirmed by this time. Re-create an updated guest list with the confirmed guests. This will make you better prepared to take care of their needs, manage logistics and make arrangements.

#5 Honeymoon Planning

planning honeymoon

The honeymoon is the most exciting and anticipated event post the wedding. Do not de-prioritise your honeymoon plans and simultaneously work on finalising your bookings and honeymoon packing.

#6 Delegate Tasks

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A bride is a queen on her wedding day. She deserves to breathe free and enjoy her wedding functions. Have your A-team of friends and relatives in place and delegate tasks to them like checking the decor, making sure all the guests are taken care of, checking with the event coordinator, etc.

#7 Schedule for All the Events

Photo Courtesy: Vows and Tales

Have a final schedule of all the big and small events in place, and store it in your phone or any place accessible at all times. This will help you plan the coming days for yourself smoothly, from parlour treatments to last minute shopping sessions.

Panicking already? Don’t! Just take note of these points and tick them off as you go. Anything else you would add to the list? Just comment down below.


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