Wedding Invite Wording Guide: What To Say On The Wedding Card

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This is a part of the complete Invite Wordings Guide for your Indian Wedding.

You’ve finalised your wedding card design, and you’re so relieved! “My work is done”, you say to yourself with a tired but happy smile on your face. But wait, your card designer just asked you to “please send wedding invitation wording in an MS Word doc.”


Ok ok. How hard can it be? I just need to mention my name, my future spouse’s, my parents, grandparents, the venues, timings (exact or vague?)…

That does seem like an awful lot of details to figure out. You’ll soon realise, the following wordings will need to be decided by you and your family for a standard wedding card –

  1. Who will be inviting the guests on paper – your parents, grandparents or you?
  2. How you will address your parents, grandparents and parents of your spouse-to-be? Salutations such as Mrs. & Mr. or Smt. & Shri, or add “ji” at the end of the names? For example, “Arpana Ji and Kamal Patel Ji”.
  3. Basic function details: Name of event, date, venue, time
  4. Additional function details: Dress code, Detailed or simple itinerary (do you want to simply say “Wedding 7.30 pm onwards” or include baraat welcome, pheras, dinner and vidai timings as well), Instructions (“Bring your dancing shoes”)
  5. The Map (Basic, Illustrated or Google Map location link) + “Map Overleaf”
  6. RSVP Line + Best Compliments (where you mention other family members)
  7. Gifting-related (optional)
  8. Your wedding hashtag (optional)
  9. Religious prayer or verse (optional)
  10. Romantic, spiritual or generic quote (optional)

Note: A destination wedding card will have additional/different wording requirements!


We’re here to help.

First, you need to know the basic structure of an Indian wedding card. It’s not that complicated (in this basic version!) so just keep reading and promise, it will be a cakewalk for you by the end of this post –

The Basic Indian Wedding Invite

Wedding Invitation Wording - how it is structured on an Indian wedding card - the Anatomy of an Indian wedding invite with Host Line, Request Line, information line, parents and grandparents names

1. The Host Line

The rule says that whoever is paying for the wedding is the “host” of the event. In India, we put our parents’ and/or grandparents’ names here (and our sibling’s name on the Mehendi insert!) because we don’t exactly follow this rule as is! It’s more about who we want to pay our respects to and having “the whole family” invite guests to the affair. There are couples who are paying for their own weddings and even they might end up mentioning their parents as hosts.

2. Request / Invitation Line –

This line basically “invites” your guests to your nuptials. According to Martha Stewart, you say “request the honour of your presence” for a religious ceremony and “request the pleasure of your company” for a non-religious function.

In Indian cards, however, you’ll find you have a LOT of options of how to word this line. We’ve seen everything from “solicit the honour of your benign presence to bless their beloved daughter” to the simple “request your company at the wedding of”.

You’ll find more ideas when you get to the “Real Wedding Invites” section.

3. Names –

Of the couple getting married, obviously!

  • If the invitation is going out from the bride’s side, her name goes on top.
  • If it’s from the groom’s side, his name goes first.
  • If the couple is sending out the same invite from both sides of the family, the bride’s name goes first.

4. Parents And/Or Grandparents Names –

Indian wedding cards almost always mention these under the bride’s and groom’s names. If you’re mentioning your grandparents, traditionally one would write only the paternal grandparents’ names.

But considering how we live in evolved times, couples’ now write names of both sets of grandparents. In a formal invite, you’d write Mrs. & Mr. or Smt. & Shri. to address the parents.

5. Information Line –

This is self-explanatory. You can use this section of the card to add function details (time, date, venue, dress-code, etc), RSVP point of contact, best compliments from the family or even say “as per program enclosed” if you have function-wise details on separate inserts/pages.

Now that you know the basics of what wordings you need to decide for your wedding card, find some ideas from these Real Wedding Invitations!

17 Real Wedding Invitation Wording Examples: In English

For Hindu, Sikh & Christian Weddings

I. The Wedding Day Insert

Most of us will add all the information (including host line, request line, etc.) to each and every Insert, including the Wedding Day Insert!

NOTE: If you’re looking for wording ideas for other functions (Mehendi, Haldi, Sangeet, Cocktail, Welcome Lunch, Reception, etc), see this post and if you want only Engagement Invitation Message ideas, go here.

Example 1: Formal + Parents in Host Line

wedding invitation wording with parents in Host Line and assembly of baraat wording idea

Rashmi & Rakesh Verma

request your gracious presence on the Wedding Ceremony of their son

Rohan with Namrata

Daughter of Dr. Mrs. Raj and JP Sharma

on Sunday, the 14th of March, 2010

at Lawn One, Air Force Auditorium, Subroto Park, New Delhi

Assembly of Baraat – 5:00 PM –> basic itinerary details

Wedding – 6:00 PM

Map Overleaf

Example 2: Formal + Parents in Host Line at End of Card

wedding invitation message - parents in host line at the end of the card

To share our happiness on this auspicious day

Please join us for the wedding ceremony of our son

Bhavik with Aneeta

Daughter of Namita and Ashok Nagar

Saturday, the Seventeenth of October

Two Thousand Fifteen

Baraat – 5:00 PM, Ruby Room

Hasta Melaap – 6:45 pm, The Chambers Terrace

Dinner – 8:30 pm, Ballroom

The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower, Apollo Bunder, Mumbai

Rekha and Rakesh Aggarwal –> different format with host line at the end

Example 3: Formal South Indian Wedding + Parents in Host Line

formal wedding invitation wording for South Indian wedding

Smt. Meena & Sri M.S. Ramakrishna

request the pleasure of your company on the Occasion of the Wedding of their son

Rushyant with Rukmini

(D/o Smt. Srivani and Sri Mullapudi Ranga Rao)

on Sunday, the 8th of February, 2015 at 4.29 am

at Bhogavalli Bapaiah Kalyana Mandapam, Tanuku

Dinner on Saturday, 7th February, 7 pm onwards

PRO TIP: You can easily add a single line about a welcome or family dinner to your wedding day insert, instead of opting for a separate Dinner insert

Example 4: Traditional Sikh Wedding + Parents in Host Line

formal wedding invitation wording for Sikh wedding with Anand Karaj and lunch details

Mrs. Satvir & Mr. Surjit Singh Bawa

request the pleasure of your company on the auspicious occasion

of the marriage of their son

Arjun & Meher

Daughter of Mrs. Preeti & Mr. Arvinderjit Singh

on Twentyfifth November, Two Thousand and Sixteen

Anand Karaj – 11 AM

Gurudwara Sahib Sec-11, CHD

Followed by Lunch at Montview, Sector 10, Chandigarh

Example 5: Traditional Christian Wedding + Hosted by Parents

christian wedding cards wordings

Mr & Mrs Joseph Tauren

request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of their daughter

Amber Tauro to Nathan Salvador

son of Mr & Mrs Kevin Salvador

Sunday, 9th April 2017 at 11:30 am

St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral, Cleveland Town, Coles Park, Bangalore

Example 6: Traditional + Grandparents in Host Line

wedding card matter with Shree Ganeshaya Namah and a quote - An Intense Unity of Soul with Soul, mind with mind, life with life.

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

With the divine mother’s blessings

Late Smt. Kokilaben & Late Shri Vasantlalbhai Mehta

Smt. Manjulaben & Shri Kavinbhai Parikh

cordially invite you and your family to the wedding of their grandson


son of Rina & Anuj Mehta

to Megha

daughter of Smt. Kusumben & Shri Sudhirbhai Goenka

on Saturday, 7th February 2015

at the Far Pavilion, Turf Club, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

Chauviar 5:30 pm onwards

Hasta Melap 6:33 pm onwards

Dinner 8:00 pm onwards

Example 7: Traditional + Parents & Grandparents in Host Line

indian wedding invitation wording from bride's side

With the heavenly blessings of Late Smt. Sushil Kumari & Late Sh VN Dudeja

Mrs Darshan & Lt Col Makesh Kumar Dadeja

solicit your gracious presence on the auspicious occasion

of the wedding of their daughter

Shereen with Abhijeet

(S/o Mrs Meena Vohora & Late Sh Bharat Bhushan Vohora)

on Sunday, 6th December 2015

Reception of Baraat – 7:00 PM

Dinner – 8:00 PM

at Hotel Shivalik View, Chandigarh

Example 8: Formal Wordings for E-vite or Whatsapp Image Sent to Friends

wedding invitation wording with couple hosting

Damini and Tarun

invite you to join them in the celebration of their marriage

on March 9, 2018

6:30 pm

Chatarpur Farms, Delhi

Reception to follow

Example 9: Same Invite Sent by Bride & Groom’s Side + Parents in Host Line

wedding invitation wording for combined invite sent from bride and groom's side

Together with Mr & Mrs Jitinder Sudarshan

and Mr & Mrs Sachin Gopinath

Miss Sharanya Sudarshan & Mr Sanjeet Gopinath –> bride’s name first

request the honour of your presence at the celebration of their marriage

July 15, 2016 11:00 in the morning 

Block T, Neb Sarai, Sainik Farms, New Delhi

Example 10: Modern Casual + Couple in Host Line

modern wedding invitation wording

Rishi & Nikita

together with their parents invite you to be with us as we begin our new life together

Saturday, 29th of Oct 2016, 12:00 PM onwards

at the Gateway Hotel Lakeside Hubli

Unkal Lake, PB Rd, Hubli, Karnataka

Example 11: Simple Modern + Couple as Hosts

modern wedding invitation wording where couple is in host line

You are invited to witness the wedding celebration of

Kritika Dwivedi and Shibin Krishnan

Friday, July 15, 2016 at 4:30 pm

Jade Garden at the Hotel Sun & Sand, St. Juru Tara, Juhu, Mumbai

Example 12: Only Itinerary on Wedding Day Insert

indian wedding invitation wording from groom's side with baraat wording

Anurag & Astha


Tuesday 14 February 2017

Narang Farm

3, Maple Avenue, South Drive

DLF Chattarpur Farms

Mehrauli, New Delhi

Ghurchadi at E-396 GK2: 11:15 AM

Departure of Baraat: 12:15 PM

Reassembly of Baraat at Narang Farm: 1:15 PM

Reception of Baraat & Lunch: 2:00 PM

Phere: 3:00 PM

Doli: 5:30 PM

Baraat will reassemble at South Drive 100 mtrs west of Narang Garm

(Narang Farm Map Overleaf)

PRO TIP:  While exact timings like these are helpful if your venue is changing multiple times (for groom’s side), you can opt for a shorter version if you’re the bride.

Sample 1:

Baraat & Pheras 10.30 am onwards.

Luncheon to follow.

Sample 2:

Function: Baraat, Phere & Lunch

Time: 11.45 am onwards

Followed by Reception Dinner

Time: 8 pm onwards

II.  Main Wedding Insert + Other Inserts

In case of a wedding day insert like this, there is a Main Wedding Insert or area on the card’s jacket where you invite your guests with all the formalities of a request line, host line, etc. The other inserts give details of each event (Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding, Reception, etc) in a short summary.

This type of Main Wedding Insert will be worded slightly differently.

  • You have more space so you can include a quote and a longer list of relatives can be added in the best compliments section.
  • You can include an additional request line to welcome guests to the wedding after the bride and groom’s names.

Example 13 – Modern Formal Wording with Grandparents in Host Line

indian wedding invitation wording that's modern with grandparents in host line

The Main Insert says –

With The Heavenly Blessings Of Late Shri Raj Kumar Khanna

Kanta Khanna cordially invites you to share the joy on the wedding celebrations of their granddaughter


(D/o Late Mrs. Arti & Mr. Sanjay Khanna)

with Deepanshu

(S/o Mrs. Usha & Mr. Kamal Krishnan Arora)

PRO TIP: If you’re going for a modern formal tone, use Mrs. & Mr. salutations for the parents of both the bride & groom.

While there are separate inserts for each event.

The Wedding ceremony insert simply says –



8th February


Elroy Lawn

The Umrao, NH8,

Near Rajokri, New Delhi

Reception of Baraat 8 PM

Followed by dinner

(Mapy Overleaf)

Example 14 – Formal Wording to Sikh Wedding, Including Grandparents

wedding card matter in english

With the blessings of

[Paternal Grandparents Names]

[Maternal Grandparents Names]

Manju & Rajneesh Garg –> parents names

request the honour of your presence at the wedding of their beloved daughter

Nooran with Hargobind

Grandson of Sardar & Sardarni Sukhdev Singh Dhillon

Son of Kamaldeep & Amardeep Singh Dhillon.

Sharing the Love –> best compliments section


Gaurav & Udita, Pranav & Yashica

Rhiya & Risha, Yuvika, Inara Mira

Adit & Rishith, Kavik.

PRO TIP: For a formal Sikh marriage invitation, using salutations “Sardar & Sardarni” for parents or grandparents of the bride and/or groom is an apt choice.

Example 15 – Traditional Semi-Formal Wording

wedding card wording in english in indian style - formal with a line to graciously invite the guests at the end, plus with best compliments and no gifts line

Aruna & Nimesh Kampani

cordially invite you to the Wedding Celebrations of their daughter


(Granddaughter of Late Smt. Savitaben & Late Shri Nagindas Kampani)

with Akash

(Son of Smt. Geeta & Shri. Sandeep Gambhir)

We would be personally obliged if you could join us on this auspicious occasion and bless the couple.

With Best Compliments From

Madhu – Vishal

Avantika, Shiv

Kampani Family

(Blessings Only)

PRO TIP: If you are going for traditional wedding invitation wording, use Smt. & Shri. salutations for the parents and grandparents.

Example 16 – Casual Wording With All 4 Grandparents as Hosts (Long Version)

If you feel the need to make a generous invitation. Plus, see how they made the host line interesting!

hindu wedding invitation wording

It gives us immense pleasure to invite you to the marriage of our grandson


Son of Rina & Anuj Mehta

to Megha

Daughter of Smt. Kusumben & Shri Sudhirbhai Goenka.

Your presence at the wedding celebrations will enhance the joy of the occasion and will add blessings to this happy union.

We will be filled with pleasure if you and your family will join us for the joyful marriage events.

[Names of all 4 grandparents handwritten by them]

UNIQUE IDEA ALERT! A fun way to include all your grandparents (or other family members!) in the wedding card matter is to add their names in their own handwritings!

Example 17 – Casual Wording With All 4 Grandparents as Hosts (Short)

If you want to keep it simple and to the point!

hindu wedding invitation wording in english

We cordially invite you to share our joy in celebrating the wedding of our grandson


Son of Rashmi & Rakesh Verma

TO Namrata

Daughter of Dr. Mrs. Raj & JP Sharma.

Ram Kumari & Priya Ranjan Verma –> grandparents’ names

Madhulika & Dr. Binode Jaipuriar

PRO TIP: You can go truly casual by mentioning your grandparents full names without salutations (unless they’re professional salutations, such as Dr.) if they’re Hosts in your invite.

We hope you found this guide helpful. If you’re wondering what options you have for requesting no gifts and if you really need to add all your family members to the “best compliments” part of the card, make sure you check out this post.

Do leave a comment with any specific questions you have about wedding invitation wordings – since we know how our cards have their own unique Indian style English!

The Complete Wedding Invite Wording Guide

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