5 Creative Bridal Entry Ideas for your Mehendi Function!

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Mehendi Entrance Ideas for Brides Is A Thing Now!

Have you noticed how Bridal Entry is a big thing at weddings now? From how the bride enters (some choose to dance their way into the venue!) to which song gets played (Din Shagna Da is not your only option), it’s a part of the wedding that’s getting a lot of attention.

Which is why some brides figured – why not make the entry to their Mehendi ceremony interesting as well?

Here are some creative Mehendi Entrance Ideas for Brides from Real Weddings – for your own Mehendi function!

1. Enter under an umbrella

Bridal entry ideas- Mehendi Ideas for the bride
Image courtesy: Shades Photography
Image courtesy: Dot Dusk

Umbrella phoolon ki chaadar…or should we call it “phoolon ka chhata!” is no longer limited to destination weddings in Thailand. You can ask your brother to hold a pretty one like this over your head as you walk into your Mehendi venue!

2. Dance with Dholkis

Mehendi entrance ideas - bride under beautiful floral umbrella dancing to beats of the dhol
Image courtesy: House on the Clouds

This is another umbrella bridal entry (don’t miss how beautiful this phoolon ki chaadar is!) where the bride chose to dance to the beats of the dhols!

3. Phoolon Ki Chadar Coordinated With Your Outfit

Bridal entry idea for Mehendi function - bride under phoolon ki chadar that matches her lehenga colours
Image courtesy: Elan Events

The decorator does, typically, match your phoolon ki chaadar design to your overall event decor. But this bride entered under a chaadar that had blue flowers hanging at the ends, highlighting her unique blue mehendi lehenga!

4. Mehendi-Themed Unique Phoolon Ki Chadar Design

Mehendi ceremony entrance idea for bride - autumn theme
Image courtesy: The We Do Moments

This bride had a cool Autumn-themed Mehendi ceremony, and her decorator designed a unique autumn-leaves phoolon ki chadar for her to walk under!

Image courtesy: Rakesh Prakash Photography

This bride’s decorator created a unique origami birds and pom poms phoolon ki chadar design for her Mehendi entry.

5. Walking With Wedding Party in Coordinated Outfits

Bridal entrance idea Mehendi function - bride walking out with bridesmaids in coordinated outfits at destination wedding
Image courtesy: WeddingNama

If your bridesmaids are going to be in coordinated outfits, you can ask them to walk behind you in a line like this. A “flower boy” or flower girl can throw rose petals in front of you. It will make for a picture-perfect Mehendi entrance!

Are you planning for a fun Mehendi bridal entry as well?

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