18 Pretty Floral Wedding Invitations To Crush On

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If there’s one type of wedding invite we’re guilty of constantly loving, it’s a floral wedding invitation. Whether it’s a watercolour design or a modern take on the floral print, there’s nothing we pin more than floral wedding invites!

If you’ve been following our Ultimate Wedding Invite Guide, here’s the next post in this series. We found a huge variety of different flower-theme card designs from Indian wedding invite creators. Don’t forget to pin your favourites!

Watercolor Floral Wedding Invitations

Rustic meets watercolours <3

Image courtesy: Mr & Mrs

Hand-painted florals on the edges

Image courtesy: Inksedge

Pastels mixed with botanicals

Image courtesy: The Invite House

A unique watercolour invite with gold print

Image courtesy: VS Calligraphy & Designs

A watercolor floral Save The Date invite!

Image courtesy: Akanksha Negi

Beautiful cabbage roses on another rustic watercolour floral 

Image courtesy: Atisuto

A second version of the same invite, with a floral print only on the envelope liner

Image courtesy: Atisuto

Modern Floral Wedding Invitations

A unique floral print wedding invite design

Image courtesy: The Invite House

Floral print on the envelope liner in this beautiful burgundy invite

burgundy floral wedding invitation with floral envelope lining and simple elegant insert
Image courtesy: Atisuto Events

A floral wreath illustration

Image courtesy: Swati Katyal

Simple Floral Wedding Invitations

Minimal florals in blues & pinks with a hint of greens

Image courtesy: Shreya Sen Photography

Burgundy flowers make up the border

Image courtesy: Itchha Talreja Designs

Simple blooms on white inserts

Image courtesy: Naman Verma Photography

Elegant Floral Wedding Invitations

Simple red blooms on a gold-bordered black and white insert

Image courtesy: Inksedge

A navy blue floral wedding card that’s the perfect way for grooms to go floral!

Image courtesy: Customizing Creativity

Vintage Floral Wedding Invitations

Pops of red in a vintage finish invite

Image courtesy: Sketch Design Studio

Vintage black and peach florals

Image courtesy: Artistically Wired

Big blooms in pink, blue and purple!

Image courtesy: Artistically Wired

Traditional With A Twist

A bright floral wedding invitation with marigold flowers on the borders in neon shades

Image courtesy: Invito Design

Lotus flower included in a modern way to a Srinagar-inspired wedding invite

Image courtesy: The Murphy Studio

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