3 Simplest Ways To Make The Best of Your Wedding Budget

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Over a series of blogs, we have shared tips and tricks that would make your wedding day the experience you have always dreamt of. Be it your make-up, the wedding trousseau, your wedding attire or all of it captured in the perfect wedding album, we would love to be with you every step of the way. But to enjoy all of this and more, you need to set your wedding budget. And here we are to help you set your wedding budget, just so this can be the ultimate wedding guide.


 Weddings qualify for a ‘once in lifetime’ experience, but we can always have a memorable experience by making sure our expenses are also in check. Budgeting is a three-pronged process and here is what you do:

Figuring Out the Ceiling

What is the maximum amount that you can spend on your wedding? The monetary contributions are usually the domain of the bride’s family (remember the fund that your parents started the moment you were placed in the cradle), but nowadays the young lovers in question also lend a hand through their own savings. Modern couples usually share the onus of expenses, making it easier for the families involved. Set it straight, have a maximum budget in mind.


The Heavy Weights

The second order of business is to figure out the loopholes in your budget. Usually, the most expensive items on the list are; the venue (indoors such as hotels or good old fashioned outdoors), the type of wedding (traditional  or concept/theme weddings), the décor, the catering (in-house or a separate caterer and the size & the kind of the menu), and the number of functions you decide to hold. The bridal jewellery & dresses are also a major drain on the wedding budget. What’s that? Yes, we know it’s really unfair but what can we say? It costs to have that heavy Maharani-style sari (a la Aishwarya Rai from Devdas).


How To Lower the Floor of Your Budget

Now that we know what the major expenses are, it is time to figure out how to reduce them. It’s all about being smart and spending on the right things. So, here we go:

a) Pick a date intelligently (if your family isn’t very superstitious, otherwise you’ll probably have to go with what your kundlis say). The discounts in the off-season can be seriously mind-blowing!


b) Indoors venues are lighter on your pocket – with in-house catering, liquor license, etc available at your service. You can even consider a package deal and/or pick and book different areas as per your requirements.


 c) Catering cost saving is very common in weddings. Installing live station counters will ensure that guests will tend to eat more starters/snacks. This creates an opportunity of less plates being picked up for the main food and also gives you a chance to not spend a bundle on an elaborate menu.


d) One can also cut costs on the decor by reducing the use of flowers in the decorations. For example, printed floral table linen not only helps you go easy on the flower budget but also adds the elegance to your wedding decoration.


You really can’t put a price on your special day of happiness, but if you can save some money and utilize it for a bigger purpose (like that exotic locale for a honeymoon), then why not? The list of tips for your wedding day is endless, which is why we promise to not leave you in a quandary and be back with more. 




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