From the First Smile to the First Touch: Moments of Your Child that Deserve to be Captured

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Watching your child grow is a beautiful experience. From listening to their heartbeat for the first time to feeling that first excited kick. From their first smile to their first words. These finite moments make for infinite memories- memories that deserve to get preserved, memories that will always bring a smile to your face when you revisit them.

Imagine the time when your child grows up and starts to take those long walks holding your hand. Or when your child runs with open arms, not knowing the boundary that is deemed unsafe to cross. They add to the many memories you would want to reminisce. It is this trusting innocence you would want to freeze, but growing up takes that away. It brings with it the many fears and scepticism that a child is unaware of. How do you freeze that? Perhaps you can’t. But luckily you can have that moment captured.


When we got Himanshu Sharma on board as a partner for Urban Company, he was primarily into wedding photography. The journey from being a Masters in Computer Science to a hobbyist photographer to now a professional has been quite eventful for him. It is imperative why he picked wedding photography after dabbling with landscapes and monuments, to capture the journey of other people. He says

“While wedding photography has a host of photographers available, kids’ photography does not. Many people don’t even feel the need for a photo shoot of their child as they have grown up in an environment where this option didn’t exist. But there is nothing more beautiful than freezing the moments of curiosity of your child.”

Having an experience of capturing adults through wedding photography and children through kid’s photography, we wonder what would be more difficult. Are children more difficult subjects of photography than adults are?

“I only do candid shots in both cases. So the difficult art of conveying your vision with regards to a specific pose, is something I don’t have to deal with. But I would say wedding photography is more difficult because there are many subjects. It is not just the bride and the groom. It is a celebration with many people. Children also have less inhibitions, which gives great candid moments to capture.”

We hope you can give your child the gift of a great childhood album.





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  1. Really liked this post, Supriya! I feel really touched by this blog post, even though I don’t have kids right now 😉 I will certainly refer this some of my close friends! These photographs are enamouring.

    1. Thank you Aishwarya….You can ask your friends to download the app from the google play store for Android and IOS, or simply click on the link at the bottom of the post

  2. Supriya, this is super cool! I think I’m going to book a kid’s photographer for my niece as a birthday present to her 🙂

    Also, amazing pictures!

  3. Supriya..I didn’t know you write!i knew in school you could :)chanced upon this blog on the Facebook page of Urbanclap…lovely article and pics

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