How Your Writing Can Influence & Inspire People

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Have you come across an article with a great idea and wondered “I could have thought of it!”?. Does your heart leap when people seek you out for an advice on the latest trend? Writing is a powerful tool that can make people take notice. Do you want your ideas to get noticed?

We, at Urban Company, offer you an opportunity to write for our blog. Become a published writer on a platform that reaches out to over 1,00,000 regular readers!

You also get Rs.500 as Urban Company credits which you can use on ANY of our services (available in your city).

All you have to do is this:

  1. Write a blog on any of the following topics:
    1. Your experience of using an Urban Company service.
    2. How Urban Company’s service (any service) can help.
    3. Do it yourself tricks (should be related to home care, fitness or beauty)
  2. 500-1000 words
  3. Format – Word document
  4. Your topic can’t be present on our blog already and has to be original.
  5. The blog should be at least 85% plagiarism free.
  6. Mail your entries to [email protected] 
  7. Send your entries of the month by 30th/31st of every month and you can get published every month!

Here is what you can do to improve your chances:

  1. Accompany your blog with an original video or/and original photographs.
  2. Video format – Mp4, Photograph format- JPEG
  3. Read through our blog to get a clearer picture of what will work! Click here
  4. Participate every month! You may win multiple times.
  5. For more information, leave a comment on this blog and we will get back to you.

Let your published articles speak to more people than just your own circle. This is an opportunity to have your name next to an article for a leading organization!

Reach out to us so we can get your voice heard….

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