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It is often mentioned how old is gold. Well, it surely holds true for Chennai, with its simple pleasures, sacred beliefs, and Sun-kissed beaches. A fine potpourri of art, culture, heritage and food; it remains one of the oldest and richest culture hubs in the country. Since, we at Urban Company, are a bag of somewhat diverse beliefs ourselves – a blend of the old and new, while retaining a deep-rooted loyalty to the cause of revolutionizing the services industry forever; we could scarcely forget Chennai, could we?

It’s been nine months since our journey first began. Urban Company sprang from the minds of three visionaries and emerged as a one stop destination for any and all trusted services. Since then, we have shown no signs of stopping. And what a ride it has been! Our journey, which began in the heart of the nation – Delhi, took us to the entire National Capital Region, before sending us to beautiful Bengaluru and later, catching a ride on Aamchi Mumbai’s dreamy lanes. And now, we’re here to serve you, Chennai.

How Will We Serve You?

We are a mobile App that makes your life very easy. Whether you’re looking to get your car cleaned, sign up for a guitar class, plan your wedding or find a fitness instructor, just tell us what your requirements are and we’ll bring the right professionals to you, and all with just a click. Right now, we’re connecting you with service professionals in 50+ categories and as we grow, we’ll be giving you more reasons to clap everyday!

Are You Ready To Clap With Us?

Don’t wait! Download our app and when you see how simple life can be, we trust that you’ll join in the applause! After all, Unkal Chennai ini Enkal Chennai!

Download The Urban Company App Today!

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