13 Reasons You Need a Great Business Card

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A good business card is your first step to excite the client to accept your services. Here are 13 reasons why you need a great design for your business cards.

Having an attractive business card is one way to make people believe that you are running a good business and will do well for the clients too. A business card, by its traditional definition is a small card printed with one’s name, qualification, business address, contact information etc.

In today’s era of creative ideas, a paper simply designed and printed with information cannot lure people to work with you. Notwithstanding the fact that it is a digital world, it is still believed that this small piece of paper can do wonders by helping you to amplify your business ideas and develop an extendable space in the corporate world.

So, here are some points from us to inspire you to get some good and creative business cards designs.

1. Explains your business

Apart from giving basic information like name of owner, address etc., a business card can explain the business without even reading anything. So it is very important to make sure that the design of card is not misleading. The graphic design of the card or the shape of the card itself should hold relevance to the service provided by the person in the visiting card. For e.g. – A professional photographer can opt for a business card designed in the shape of a camera.

The look, the message it delivers and the portrayal of the business in the card, all conjure up an impression of your company values in literally seconds. It appeals to not one but two of your senses – sight and touch.

2. In the world of internet, physical business cards still stands out

In this digital age, when people of every age group use have a digital device in their hands or pressed to their ears, then why use business cards? Several instances like unavailability of network, lack of internet penetration in a place and lack of smart phone knowledge makes it tough for digital transfer of contact. This hurdle is removed by visiting cards.

3. It is mirror image of your personality

The expressions from an employee as well as the business cards are a mirror for each other. So, make sure that the image of personality is not disturbed because of wrongly designed business cards. While a boring card can get lost among thousands of others, a well-designed and good-looking card will be retained. And if you’ve created a good impression then you will hopefully be added to a digital database as well.

4. Sense of pride

A person holding a business card, whether be the owner or the employee, feel a sense of great responsibility and pride and feel closer to the company they work for. They feel that the business card represents them and thus it is very important that the business card is designed so that they take pride in handing out the card. Smiling while handing out a good business card leads to develop a confident front.

5. First step of communication

Whenever someone has a business card, they never hesitate to contact the person who handed it. There is a feeling of connection when business cards are exchanged. There is always a feeling of safety while contacting that person since we have either met them personally before or have received it via someone who has met them. This doesn’t exist in case when we browse contact information on internet because of possibility of wrong and unverified information.

6. Necessity for start-ups

For the ones who have started business recently and don’t yet have a well-established brand, a business card is not only important, it is a necessity. A business card is something which can be exchanged anywhere, anytime we meet new people which will result in making them aware of the new started business.

7. Creates brand value

The business name should become a brand. And this possibility can be a surety with this piece of paper. Business cards help to develop a brand image as they are easily accessible and help the potential customer reach you in seconds.

What all can be done to get a good business card design?

Here are few tips to help you out:

1. Get a good logo/graphic

It is the designer’s duty to spice up the content and make the card desirable for the viewers. A good logo is definitely very important as it represents the company and the business. And make sure that logo is not very hard to visualize.

2. Keep it simple

Always stick to the fact that too much of anything can mess the situation. So, be careful while designing the card that it should be attractive and simple as well in their own ways.

3. Browse a lot

While thinking of a good business card design it is not odd if you browse about it on the social media, print media. It helps to gain the idea of latest version of design or what potential customers are expecting from your industry.

4. Should not be quirky and crowded

It should be in mind that the business card design should be good and attractive but also stick to the fact that it is BUSINESS CARD. Therefore, too many colors or use of big sized logos will not be a good way to present.

5. Be in contact with designers

It is always good option to get the card designed by a graphic designer or online logo designer. Your brief of the business coupled with their technical knowledge will bring out amazing cards.

6. Make sure of the quality

Since the card tells a lot about your business, make sure that the quality of the material used for printing is long lasting. Sometimes, card in a business card holder is a good suggestion to keep the card safe and steady.

Just like a logo, business card is also something that creates a brand image. So, the business card design cannot be revamped every now and then. Once it is given to someone, it becomes your representative. So before designing the card, think and choose wisely!

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