Meet Urban Company – The Newest Member of Your Family

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Your family will always care & stick by you, through thick and thin. Be it a helping hand or the light in the dark – whether it’s by playing photographers or by helping you complete a beloved project – your family can always turn that frown upside down.

But hey, what if your family finally included a professional on hand for your every need? It could be planning an event, learning a new skill or even working on home repairs. And that’s exactly what we’re offering! With Urban Company, you get to welcome over 50,000 service experts to your family. Because we promise – they care #JustLikeFamily.

And that’s not all. We thought we’d ask you the million dollar question – did the video remind you of people who’ve always had your back? Whether it was your Mom helping you complete a science project at the last moment, or your older sibling tutoring you on matters of the heart, all of us are the sum total of the places we’ve been, situations we’ve experienced, people we’ve met and the lives we’ve led.

We’re sure that like us, each of you has had many instances where friends and family stepped up and saved the day. All we ask? Visit our Facebook page here, share the video, tag those special people and tell us about one such special memory. And did we mention that you could stand to win an iPhone 7? Don’t forget to use #JustLikeFamily!

We’re really looking forward to getting to know you better and helping out, whenever we can!

Contest Rules :
1.Contestant must share the Urban Company video, share their story, tag their friend & use #JustLikeFamily in the same post
2.Please make the posts public (post settings) so as to be eligible for the contest
3.Contestants can submit multiple entries
4.Contestant must like the UrbanClap FB Page to be eligible.
5.The winner will be chosen at Urban Company’s discretion. UrbanClap’s decision will be final.
6.Contest closes on 1st Oct


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