Hyderabad, We Feel Welcomed

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“Since when does it have to be one thing?. You can have roots and wings”

Sitting in the Hyderabad airport, I reminisce the week spent in the city. Unlike a long holiday or a long work trip, I don’t feel the urgency to go back to my life, my home. Hyderabad felt like my own. Though reasons for feeling at home in a city are always personal, Hyderabad is the kind of infectious laughter that makes anyone join the mirth.

NTR gardens
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It is a city still, which wakes up to blazing cultures, simmering like the tea cooking at the Nimrah bakery, in the old city. While sipping on one such sought after cup, I met Mohammad Abdul Hafeez. What began as a general conversation about Hyderabad and its people, turned to an enlightened discussion

“You must be aware of the many colours that exist in the world. Each distinct and beautiful. But when they combine, what do you get? The colour white. Colour of peace and harmony. Hyderabad is like that, harmonious and melodious”


Mecca Masjid
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The morning tea and the bakery biscuits settled in and the city started to tease with the sounds, lights & the aromas. The Namaz from the Mecca Masjid against the cerulean blue is just the right melody to the ears. The aromas of the kebabs and the inventive onion samosas tickled more than my taste buds. Mr. Hafeez volunteered to accompany me to explore the city and understand its pulse.

itrs from hyderabad
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qubani ka meetha

While I was surprised at his assistance, more so because he is the Vice President of the Telangana Tourism Board, I realized people of Hyderabad are like that. They stop to notice, relish the moment and extend help when they are sought.

“Here people will stop Madam. Will tell you the way till you completely understand. If they don’t understand your language, they will find someone who does.”


bazaar of hyderabad
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He told me the stories of the last Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan. His benevolence was such that on the occasion of the silver jubilee function, the gifts received were so many that a repository had to be constructed, which is known as the Nizam museum. Though constructed in the year 1936, it still mirrored the altruistic sensibilities of the people of Hyderabad.

Chowmahalla Palace
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The Chowmahalla palace was a spectacular sight and a leisurely walk on the clean green stretches of the palace can carry many a conversation. The clock that has been ticking for over 250 years showed me the precession with which royalty has made way for the progress in the city.

Golconda Fort
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I spoke of the tall structures the modern skyline painted, as opposed to the wooden edifices that are as old as 200 years, in the palaces, the Golconda Fort and the illustrious Falaknuma Palace. Mr. Hafeez was quick to add his insight

“This isn’t a contrast. A stark contrast is what you will see when you find yourself reaching America from an Indian village, in two minutes. You must visit the Ramoji film city.”

Hyderabad entertained more, with countless emotions and colours, through the Telegu film industry.

while typing ferociously these exact words at the Airport, I relive my experience. It is easier to indulge in a conversation with a stranger, for the last experience has been extremely enriching. On discussing the purpose of my visit, the launch of UrbanClap in Hyderabad, the stranger says

UrbanClap is so much like Hyderabad. 

I smile and quiz about the reason and he states UrbanClap also tells us ‘Light le Re’, like the people of Hyderabad do!”

Hyderabad, we feel welcomed….

  1. Hmm…hyderabad is beautiful and you have reflected well on it but I don’t thing people appreciate the heritage and are preserving it..look at aashiq pul…perhaps u can write about that too

    1. Hi Akhil..Yes it is a pity that a 400 year heritage like the Aasiq pul with a beautiful legend has been ignored but the city, the people and those around have also realized it. They are working towards it & we do see leading dailies covering the need to protect the heritage. There is a lot of hope, specially because of people like you 🙂

  2. Hi Supriya
    I don’t know if you remember but I met you in Hyderabad at the old city. It was sweet of you to let us join Mr. Abdul to listen to the stories he had to share. Well written blog! Took me back to the city

  3. I have been in Hyderabad for over 5 years and haven’t explored the old city much. But this makes me…welcome to Hyderabad..

    1. We sure will…UrbanClap is spreading its wings and launching its services in other cities soon..Keep watching this space

  4. This is indeed a very romanticised version of Hyderabad… I understand you are a business and have to be diplomatic but u can be honest too…the old city is dirty and no where close to what it should be…but yes…I love this blog nevertheless

    1. Hi Arunima..Thank you for liking the blog. Yes the old city needs to be taken care of..but it still is quite close to what it can be because of steps being taken by the Government. Long way to go, nevertheless

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