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It was the typical Monday morning. Buzzing with action, charts, morning meetings, agendas set, colourful post-ids on each desk with a customised ‘things to do list’ and the ubiquitous morning mails. A mail from the HR department caught my attention. It was for a donation drive for the Dream Girl Foundation, Delhi. A request by the department to come together and donate whatever we could to the NGO. A particular line summed it all beautifully,

Nobody can do everything,

Everyone can do something!


It is this philosophy that the Dream Girl Foundation lives by. The focus is the education and upliftment of the life of a girl child by providing them with the basics of living- food and shelter.  Established in the year 2003, Dream Girl Foundation is one of the most eminent NGOs working towards the betterment of the life of the girl child and their family. Most of their work is driven by donation drives where they encourage people to dispose off their old things that could be of a. lot of use to others.

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So when we were asked to volunteer and collect items, we all came forward. From books, note books to old clothes, everything made it to the carton. We had the whole week to pile up as many boxes as we could and every single employee came forward. Speaking on this drive, Sana Nayyar, HR head said, “We as an organisation believe that it is not the job of one person to build something that benefits all. For us, our partners, customers and employees, all equally matter. When Dream Girl Foundation shared their dream of moving the mass for the good of all, it ringed a bell. We have always associated with NGOs and causes that we believe in and Dream Girl Foundation found a place in all our hearts.”


 The cartons were delivered to the NGO and it was a pleasure overlooking the distribution of items. Its humbling to see how things we deem useless can actually make so much difference to someone else’s life, the underprivileged. All it takes is a little effort to make someone smile. the secretary of the Dream Girl Foundation reiterated, “People don’t really know how to go about helping people. They might not forthcoming with money as a flicker of a doubt always exists whether the money will reach the right hands. We make efforts to reduce the miseries faced by the children and any support will help us in changing a child’s Dreams into reality. We thank Urban Company for there generous contribution and support.”

Watching the people smile while receiving the “new” things was surreal. A couple of hours of deliberation and doing what we could, made possible something that couldn’t be for someone. If we all join hands, imagine the difference we can make.

Like Dream Girl Foundation says, “Alone we are smart, together we can be brilliant!”

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