Bridal Makeup Tips: Hacks to Avoid Makeup Disasters

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No one ever tells you about the things that could go wrong with your makeup on your wedding day. No one prepares you for the worst. So your makeup artist has set your makeup with her makeup artillery and promised you that nothing will move, but we need to tell you that things could still go wrong. Here are a few bridal makeup tips to ensure that EVERYTHING has been taken care of, and nothing comes in the way of your perfect bridal selfies and portraits!

bridal makeup, traditional makeup
Makeup by Yasshiika Vij

1. Eyebrows

Eyebrow hair is hard to tame. Even after a perfect threading session, and impeccable eyebrow makeup, your show can be completely ruined if the eyebrow hair loses the way. Eyebrow hair tends to get droopy with sweat and movement, resulting in a few hair strands sticking downwards, ruining your look, and pictures. Set your eyebrows using a transparent mascara which will lock the hair in one place.

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2. Lashes

Whether you apply falsies or go for your natural lashes, you need a lash hack in both the cases. Makeup artists often apply layers of mascara to help thicken and elongate the eyelashes. From a bird’s eye view, it certainly looks pretty but the goop can and will show in your close up pictures. Apply a layer of good quality transparent mascara before you apply layers of colored mascara. The initial lubrication, which is not thick, makes sure that no goop is left behind. When it comes to falsies, always go for a slightly thicker liner to merge the liner with the bands of the falsies, and your beauty secret will remain a secret forever!

bridal makeup
Makeup by Tamanna Ghori

3. Eyeliner

This is the simplest but the most forgettable hack of the lot. Your eyeliner may be perfect, but what it will lack is staying power. What is even worse is black crease lines from your eyeliner! All you need to avoid this disaster is just some powder eye shadow. Whatever the color of your eyeliner may be, you can layer or top it up with the same colored eye shadow powder and it will not move. The powder also helps to prevent the crease lines that may form due to moisture.

4. Contour Lines

Sharp contour lines can look super defined in blurry selfies but look like something out of a horror movie in high-resolution wedding pictures. You don’t want to look like you rubbed your favorite chocolate bars on both your cheeks, do you now? The key is to blend, blend and blend till the transition from your skin tone to the contour shade cannot be traced. It is always better to use a combination of well-blended cream and powder contouring for a more natural look.

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makeup, bridal makeup, makeup tips
Bridal Makeup by Sanjana Bandesha

5. Lipstick

Lipstick smudges are bound to happen with little ones flocking to you for kisses or elder relatives feeding you drinks and snacks. While touch ups will help you, to avoid smudged lines around your mouth, apply concealer around your mouth and blend it with an ear bud stick to form neat lines. Top it up with transparent or compact powder to lock in the concealer. This will slow down the smudging and also help define your lips.

6. Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are a very popular choice among brides. However, there are chances of excess from the dark eye shadow falling all around your eyes, ending in a horror show. Always apply your eye makeup before you apply the base. Never forget to clean up the smokey eyes with a concealer and an ear bud stick, which not only cleans up the cloud of eye shadow but also gives better definition. To avoid sticky fall out, top up the concealer with a compact.

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With these simple yet powerful bridal makeup tips in your pocket, you are sure to make your wedding makeup and wedding pictures disaster-proof!

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