7 Bridal Hair Accessories for your Wedding

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Bridal hair accessories have been in trend for a long time now, and we reckon they’re not going anywhere. There are many accessories to choose from and picking hair accessories for your wedding and wedding functions can leave you in a tizzy! Whatever your hair length and type may be, there are enough hair stylists and stellar hair products out there to help you use any hair accessory that you want. Here is a list of 7 most loved hair accessories for a bride and her bridesmaids.

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1. Maangtika

Maangtika dates back ages in wedding fashion. It instantly turns a girl into a bride. There are many ways that you can wear your maangtika, either by itself or paired with a jhumar. This is one blingy accessory combination that we highly recommend for our brides to be. There are some simple styling tips like, avoid an oversized maangtika if your forehead is small, and unless your maangtika thread chain has embellishments, it is best to conceal it under your head.

bridal fashion, bridal hairstyles
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2. Jhumar

Jhumar traditionally worn by Muslim brides is a rage amongst all Indian brides. There is something very elegant about its slanting fall. It adds a dancer’s charm and grace to any bride’s look. You can choose from multiple options like pearl, kundan, navratna and so on, depending on your outfit. A jhumar paired with a pretty Nath, minus any other jewellery can make for a very charming look.

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3. Borla

The traditional borla, is one of the cutest and prettiest contributions of Rajasthani and Rajputana jewellery tradition. We all love variation, and borla paired with bandhni, leheriya, and gota work outfits, especially the traditional poshak is a great way to bring more flavour to your look for a function like mehendi, haldi, puja and so on.

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4. Mathapatti

A mathapatti is a maangtika with multiple embellished bands attached to the sides and in some cases even on the top. Wearing a mathapatti will guarantee royal looking portraits for the bride, and for the same reason is a major trend in wedding fashion. You can go for traditional designs for your wedding and pick something experimental with multiple chains and beads for other functions like cocktail or sangeet.

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wedding fashion, bridal hairstyle
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5. Flowers

Who doesn’t love a pretty flower in their hair! Whether you wear it pinned behind your ear, wear it in a side swept style, pin it in your braid or attach to your messy bun, flowers are a great hair accessory for Indian outfits. Always go for the freshest flowers available. Roses, orchids, and gajra are all time favourites, but alternatively, you can also go for faux flower accessories like clips or pins.

wedding fashion, bridal hairstyle
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6. Pins or Comb

These accessories are borrowed from the western culture and serve as super adorable accessories for Indian brides as well. You can add embellished pins to your bun or braid. Tiny faux flower accessories are heavily trending right now. Combs in metallic hues or with studs and beads look super glamorous when paired with Indo western gowns and other such outfits.

wedding fashion, bridal hairstyle
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7. Crown

Once upon a time, the idea of wearing crowns seemed fit only for the royalty. Now, they are all the rage in the world of hair accessories. Flower crowns are a great accessory for the bride and her bridesmaids for fun events like a bachelorette. Other kinds of crown jewellery are more suited to be paired with gowns or maxi Indian outfits.

Pro Tip: To secure your hair accessory in place, use lash glue to stick on the accessory to your hair or skin. It is super easy to peel off. Do not forget to make sure that your hair accessory is coordinated with the rest of your jewellery!

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