7 Beauty Regimes to Make the Best of Summer

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Summer is a really scorcher for your beauty regime and can wreak all kinds of unwarranted havoc on your hair, skin and nails. But armed with a couple of these simple beauty hacks, here’s what you can do to stay gorgeous and stylish this hot, hot summer:

Say hello to Aloe


Your new best friend. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera gel are a great weapon to deal with sunburn or dry scaly summer skin. Aloe contains certain antioxidants that help repair damaged skin and soothe it. Simply rub on some aloe gel every night or switch to a light moisturising cream that contains aloe vera.

Time that wax


Ladies, if you’re planning to don a bikini for that long swim in the pool – make sure you don’t shave your bikini line just before you hit the beach or pool . The skin along the bikini line is super delicate and prone to irritation from harsh sun, sand or chlorine. Waxing and shaving can peel off the top layers of skin leaving it susceptible to ingrown hair, bumps and rashes. Time your hair removal a couple of days before you hit the water!

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Go easy on the makeup


Swap out your heavy duty foundation with a lighter BB cream or a tinted gel based moisturiser. Trust me, you don’t want sweaty makeup laden puddles dripping from your face! And while going for a lighter look, substitute powder eye shadows with cream based ones. Cream eyeshadows are more water resistant and hence last longer, ideal for that summer style!

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Slap on the sunscreen


The sun is going to be pretty harsh on your skin which is why you need to ensure heavy duty protection against it. Opt for a SPF 50+ sunscreen when stepping out in the summer and make sure you reapply at frequent intervals. Sunscreen does tend to wear off fast – even if you aren’t splashing about in the water – so it’s essential to always ensure a protective layer of sunscreen on your skin.

Mist it up


Invest in a good facial mist to stay fresh all through the day. Rose water, aloe and jasmine based ones are sure to hydrate your skin and leave your feeling fresh and fragrant even in the harshest climes.

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Lose the limp hair


Summer means sweat. And sweat can often translate to greasy, sweaty limp hair. Washing your hair daily can rid it of essential nutrients – which is when dry shampoo can come to your rescue. Dry shampoo is essentially a hair cleanser in a powder form that can be sprayed directly onto your roots minus any application of water. The chemicals in it soak up excess grime and sweat, giving you a fresh mane in a jiffy.

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Get an instant pedicure


Your feet are probably spending all their time in flip flops and strappy sandals this summer. To take good care of them, treat your feet to a natural pedicure – a potato and salt is all you need! Simply cut a raw potato in half, rub it in salt and then scrub your feet with it. The salt helps exfoliate and the enzymes in the raw potato soothe your skin. Packed with Vitamin C, B, potassium and manganese this is a slice of nourishment for your feet too!

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