6 Simple Habits That Can Do Wonders For Your Marketing

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Marketing is a contest to capture people’s attention. And man, is it a tough contest! Anything and everything that helps you even slightly is a huge help when it comes to winning the race to capture the attention of your audience. I, myself, am one of the cogs in the well-oiled marketing machine of Urban Company. We’re a startup and that means we have to fight harder and faster to be better than, if not as good as our competitors. In my tenure here, I’ve observed a lot of things that often help our team make marketing miracles happen and being a part of UrbanClap (your friendly neighbourhood service app), I thought I’d share them with you. Read on for the secrets!

#1 Know what’s trending, & I’m not talking about fashion


When I wake up each morning, before I even think about what I’m wearing for the day, I need to find out what’s trending. What’s going down on Twitter? What International Day is it today? When it comes to trending topics, being in the know early in the morning can give you time to think about any reactive content during your commute, and it saves you the embarrassment of not having a clue about what’s going on around you.

#2 Stay on your toes, 24X7


Checking out Twitter in the morning is not enough. Ideally, have an alert system setup, or keep a social media channel open on a tab of your browser to remain in the know. Even if you do get to know something, keep your work schedule flexible enough that you can take out time for ad hoc requirements at a moment’s notice. Like I said, jumping on board a key trending topic is always a great way to get your brand involved in an open discussion. Obviously, it is important to do this while keeping it as relevant to your brand as possible. Spontaneity is key!

#3 Social media really doesn’t sleep. #Ever.

And so, neither should you. This statement is a well-known fact, however until you live and breathe social media, you cannot appreciate it properly. Being available at all hours to react, amend or delete scheduled content its extremely important. If not acted upon quickly, it massively impacts your reputation.

#4 Let people chat.


People talk. They may skip meals (maybe not carbs), sleep, and a lot else but they’ll never stop talking! And it’s a good thing – they’ll chat about everything from the lack of salt in the Rajma in lunch or the India’s score in the day’s cricket match. And that’s where all the ideas are born. The best ideas always pop up in random conversations with the people around you. Nothing inspires creativity like the sound of rustling biscuits and namkeen packets. I can remember at least ten different instances when my team came up with excellent ideas over tea and snacks!

#5 Don’t shut people up.


The biggest mistake that a lot of people make is to dismiss other people and their suggestions. Sure, maybe they’ll be wrong 9 times out of 10 but its all worth it for that one time that they might be right. Also, each time you rubbish someone’s opinion out of hand, you’re probably intimidating another person to keep quiet about their brilliant idea and just imagine – this could be the idea that could change your world. I’m not saying that you need to listen to each and everything that every random person on your floor has to say. You have to be able to weed out the chatter to get to that goldmine of ideas. So, keep an open mind. Don’t dismiss people outright – you never know when they might be right!

#6 You gotta walk on the tightrope

I work 16-18 hours in a day, and I enjoy every second of it. I love programming, and I love marketing, and thankfully, with the right kind of time management, I am able to carve out time for my other interests – poetry, photography, and novels.  All of this ensures that when I’m at Urban Company, I’m not missing my other interests or worrying about losing touch with “the real me”. Figure out a balance between your job and your interests, identify your objectives for doing each and enjoy the magic that follows.

Overall, my journey has been a lot easier in a way as working at Urban Company has been a real treat so far – I’ve met incredible people, learnt a whole lot and I feel as though it’s only going to get even better from here on. But, I’m hopeful the above will help you ease your marketing journey and make it more productive. If, however, you need a little professional help, we do offer digital marketing services as well. So, do check us out here.

Until then, keep at it or at least begin! After all, the secret o getting ahead is to get started.

  1. These are so true! Especially the ideas bit – I work in a small creative agency and our best ideas come from the strangest places. You never know – you always have to keep an ear out!

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