13 Quick Beauty Hacks For The Working Girl

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People will tell you beauty is pain. The pain could be the ache of having hot wax pull out body hair from their very roots or extremely detailed late night and early morning beauty regimes. Well, we know that its hard to keep up with your life and give your skin the care it deserves (or so Cosmopolitan will tell you). And so, we’ve compiled a cheat sheet of easy beauty hacks that can help you put yourself together in a jiffy. Here we go:

1.Pulled another all-nighter? Use a white or a light eyeliner (according to your skin tone) to hide any lingering tiredness/puffiness and really make your eyes pop.


2.Get winged eyes with this simple trick. Pull out your credit card and run the eyeliner alongside it to line your eyes perfectly.

3. Don’t own a matte lipstick? No worries. Follow this easy trick to get matte lips with a gel or liquid lip color.

4. In a panic over a morning hair wash? To save yourself a lot of time and lend natural curls to your hair, replace your towel with a t-shirt. T-shirts are super absorbent and your hair will dry a lot faster!

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Trim split ends from your hair with this quick method:

5. Trim split ends from your hair with this quick method:


6. To make your hair look thicker, brush a little eye shadow on your hair parting.

7. If you don’t want to spend time fixing your hair again and again throughout the day, spray your bobby pins with hairspray before putting them in place.

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8. Put some Vaseline around the edges of your nails before painting them to prevent a messy manicure. You can easily smudge away any stray marks without ruining your beautiful nails!


9. Just painted your nails and waiting for them to dry? Well, your wait’s over. Simply soak your nails in cold water and watch them dry faster than you can blink.


10. Want a specific shade of lipstick but don’t have it? Just apply some gloss and top it with some eyeshadow of the required shade. Your own glossy lipstick is here!


11. To make your perfume last longer, dab some moisturizer before spraying the perfume on yourself at all the usual pulse points – wrists, elbow creases, sides of your neck, etc. Smell beautiful throughout the day!


12. Feel too tired to reach the basin? Keep face wipes by your bed and save yourself a trip to the washroom.


13. Get silky smooth feet without all the hassles of visiting a salon. All you need is to follow this simple ritual before sleeping. Apply your trusty Vaseline or another moisturizing lotion on your feet, pull on some thick socks and turn in for the night. Voila! You’ll wake up to baby smooth feet in the morning.


Well, that’s it, ladies! Give these quick beauty hacks a try and let us know if they helped make the process of getting ready a lot easier and a little less painful.

And if you’re looking for more tips, our salon at home experts are always here to help out!

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