How 5 New Year Resolutions Can Make it Your Best Year Yet

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The tradition of the resolutions have many religious parallels. Some of the earlier practices was established by the Babylonians. They promised their Gods that they would return borrowed objects and also pay back all their debts.

Most of us may embrace the tradition with all the zest but most of us also fail miserably at keeping it throughout the year. According to a study by the University of Scranton only 46% of the people who made resolutions kept it for more than three months. We may fail at it, but we still love to make them. After all keeping them will make a world of difference to us.

Urban Company suggests some resolutions that will not only help you live your best year yet, but we will also help you keep them!


Live healthy


Losing weight is always a popular resolution to make but have you ever tried to keep it with a little help? First things first, get a health check up done and find the areas you specifically need help with. You may be thin but that doesn’t deem you fit. It was rather disturbing for a colleague who is just 23 years of age to find her cholesterol was off the charts, when she got a health check done. Consult a professional nutritionist from Urban Company who will give you a customized diet chart based on what you need and your habits. Support your diet with some exercising options like yoga, zumba or with the help of a fitness instructor at home.

Invest smartly


The current financial ambiguity with demonetization and new reforms have created enough buzz in the year gone by. The safest option to invest – real estate and gold, isn’t the safest anymore. It is not just important to save your money with the years going by but it is also important to grow your money. How can you do it? Consult a CA from Urban Company who will help you with it!

Travel more


Traveling brings with it experiences that enrich you and teach you more lessons than any text book has ever taught you. With so many long weekends in the year 2017, why waste them at home? Let a driver from Urban Company take you to amazing weekend retreats where you get to experience not just the place but also its people and their lives.

Treat yourself

Not really a traveling soul but more of a home body? Make some memories at home. Throw a party with a chef who cooks for you, a party planner who plans it all for you and a photographer who captures it all! Now meet your friends and family as often as you always wanted without a worry in the world. What’s more? You can also leave the cleaning up after on us!

Take time out


You may be amazing at your work and career oriented. You may try and succeed at managing your home as well. In short, you may be the woman that you are quintessentially expected to be. But you don’t really have to! Give yourself a break and treat yourself to a relaxing spa. Take care of yourself without waiting in the long ques of a salon and get a hassle free experience at home!

Making new year resolutions is not the best part, keeping them is. It will give you a sense of fulfillment along with the satisfaction of a goal achieved. This year let us help you keep your resolutions.




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