12 Tips for Creating Content for your Website

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Having content on your website serves two purposes – first, it helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization, the art of ranking on Google) and second, it helps consumers make an informed decision.

Here are some important pointers you can keep in mind while preparing content for your website:

  1. Keep your content

Do not just rephrase articles from other websites. Provide unique value proposition relevant to your business. Furthermore, plagiarised content draws a huge penalty from Google.

  1. Keep your paragraphs small and crisp

The attention span of your average reader will usually be low. So, keep your content crisp and interesting or your reader may soon lose interest.

  1. Keep your language simple

Language should be simple and easy to understand.Use of unconventional words can lead to a drop in user interest

  1. Tell a story

Create a roadmap for the reader (i.e. a well-structured article). The adjacent paragraphs should have common or connecting context. Each sentence/paragraph should contribute to the overall theme of the content.

Content marketing strategy

  1. Don’t bait

Deliver content that you promise to the reader in the headline. Never use the headline as a bait when the article content itself has no relevance to it. Do not cheat the reader.

  1. Use subheads

It helps if the reader is in hurry and thus can just scan through the content to get the gist. Each sub-heading should add an argument supporting the thesis of your content.

  1. Keep the tone of the article friendly and actionable

The article should be able to fulfil its purpose, i.e. at the end of the article user should be empowered enough to take the expected action. In a nutshell, the article should answer all the questions you set out to address.

  1. Fact check your content

Support your argument by using appropriate facts, numbers and charts. Backlink to the original source or may be to your website’s other relevant content.

  1. SEO

Do the preliminary analysis to find out the questions that you need to address your content. You can use some SEO tools to find out what people are searching for and create content around it.

  1. Keep It Visual

Visual content is more engaging than text articles. Add images, infographics, and videos of your product or service to keep your readers hooked.

  1. Be Proactive

Keep your readers updated with the latest and relevant happenings. Deliver content periodically. You can also use Emails to deliver Newsletters.

  1. A Good Call to Action

Produce content that enables people to act or make a purchase decision.

All in all, you should be able to leave the reader with an experience and a positive impact. If you are wondering how to start with your content strategy, you can hire a content writer/freelancer, outsource it or get an in-house team. The choice is yours.

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