Top Tips to Hire your Wedding Photographer: Under the Spotlight!


Top Tips to Hire your Wedding Photographer: Under the Spotlight!

It is important, nay, essential for every bride to have her A-team in place well before her wedding. Your wedding is your special day and you only have one shot at getting it right. While there are many talented photographers out there, there is only one amongst them, who is perfect for you, to lock your wedding memories into beautiful snapshots.

  1. Know What You Want

Before you start your research on picking a wedding photographer for yourself, know what you want. Are you someone who is most comfortable in her own skin and looks best in her candid shots?


Are you someone who is super conscious and wants to pose only in her favourite angles?

These are primary questions you need to answer before picking the kind of photographer that you want. Pick a photographer based on his strengths, that is either candid or still photography.

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography by R Nathan Photography
  1. Do Your Research

Don’t just go by what you have heard and do a thorough research for yourself. Watch previews of the photographer’s previous works, recommendations on the internet and so on. While there will be many highly rated photographers in the market, pick one that suits your budget and aesthetic sense. Check out their social media such as Facebook, Personal Blog or Instagram account to get a better idea about their work.  

  1. Hold Meetings

Gain confidence in, and build a relationship with your photographer by hosting meetings before your wedding or wedding function. Be prepared with your pointers and instructions such as the kind of lighting you prefer, camera angles, subjects to focus on and so on to avoid disappointments later on. Afterall, done bun can’t be undone, especially a wedding! Let them know in advance about the moments that cannot be missed. While instructions are important, give the professional his or her creative freedom to perform.

wedding photography
Wedding Photography by Avinash Shetty
  1. Hire a Team Player

Hold meetings together with your photographer and videographer to make sure they are in sync with each other. Good coordination amongst them means a good quality output of your precious wedding moments. It is best if the photographer already has a team in place.

  1. Communicate

Have a family member or a friend remain in touch with and coordinate with the photographer on the day of the functions, as you and your folks will be busy with the ceremonies. This will ensure that no essential moment or important family or friends are missed out from your collection of memories.

pre wedding shoot, wedding photography
Pre Wedding Shoot by Lights Camera Shaadi
  1. The Right Photographer for the Right Occasion

With the number of options available, you do not have to limit yourself to the same photographer for all of the events. For instance, hire a specialized photographer for your pre-wedding shoot, a candid specialist for more fun events like Sangeet or Mehendi and a traditional photographer to capture you on the mandap and other pujas.

Alas! These are factors that you cannot ignore to ensure that you have the perfect photographer for your wedding day. Make the right choices, as there are no retakes in a wedding, and you deserve only the best for your D-day.

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