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How to Eat Healthy During the Festive Season

The festive season brings with it a lot of love, laughter, family time and most importantly, food! No one ever celebrates with an empty plate and so a festival is synonymous

Health & Wellness

4 Reasons Why Restricting Your Diet is a Bad Idea

There are many diet plans that are doing the rounds. Sometimes we see our friends losing weight because of a particular diet plan and start to follow the same, without realizing

Health & Wellness

Why Eating Healthy Can Spice Up Your Life

In today’s age of free home deliveries and drive-throughs, it is very easy to relax, sit back and enjoy the yummiest food every time you experience hunger pangs. But here’s the thing. While

We all have that ONE friend…

Yes, that one friend! The one who can’t complete a sentence without expletives. The one who ruins all the pics by closing her eyes. The one who GETS the joke, only