7 Helpful Winter Workout Tips To Follow

As February sets in many of us are already gearing to get into our summer outfits.   But to be able to flaunt that healthy body during summers, you need to start

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Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Go For HIIT This Year

High-intensity interval training or simply HIIT workouts are not just a brand-new fad in the exercise space. Athletes have known the benefits of interval training for a long time now. Here,

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How Can Your Baby Help You Stay in Shape?

The first thing that goes out of the window after the arrival of a baby is the father’s exercise routine. Though physical exertion remains limited for the mother during her pregnancy,

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The No-Equipment Workout You Must Do At Home

In today’s fast-paced life, following a balanced diet and a proper workout regime is next to impossible. To top it all paying an arm and a leg for a gym membership

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4 Awesome Shortcuts to Exercise

  You’ve heard it said – there are no shortcuts in life and this often tends to include looking good and developing or maintaining a fit body. Perhaps this has even

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10 Tips To Prevent Breakouts & Get Great Skin

The changing weather can be hard on your skin. While the Sunlight has the strength of Summers, the winds still have the bite of Winters and your poor skin can suffer

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Daily Health DIY: 3 Different Ways To Do Burpees

Before we begin listing the benefits of this exercise, have you ever wondered what a Burpee really is? Well, not to fear, this easy tutorial has all the answers for you!