7 Reasons Why You Should Practice Yoga

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Yoga at home

Yoga can be traced back to the Indus-sarasvati civilization where it was developed over 5,000 years ago. However, the western world has only recently warmed up to this practice and today yoga is a global craze. Numerous health benefits of yoga are the reason why people around the globe are embracing it so open heatedly. From healing your mind and body to providing you with a sense of calm, there are so many advantages of practicing yoga, a traditional exercise form.

Yoga for a healthy life

We have listed the top 7 reasons that make yoga essential for a healthy life:


1. Calms your mind

Unfortunately, stress has become an inevitable part of our lives today. From financial worries to health issues and career concerns, stress has taken a toll on the young and the old alike. Nothing can beat yoga when you are trying to deal with this constant evil. It has been medically proven that practising yoga brings down the stress and anxiety level to a large extent.


2. Monitors the blood pressure levels

With rising concerns of high blood pressure among the young generation, and increasing pollution levels outside, people have started looking for a rather holistic approach to lower it down. Yoga immensely helps monitor the blood pressure levels in your body. This is by far one of the biggest health benefits of yoga. Yoga calms the mind and helps you sleep better. By pulling down the stress levels and improving the circulation, yoga successfully helps you to control your BP issues.


3. Helps in weight loss

Obesity is another disease that can be tackled by doing yoga regularly. People around the world are constantly looking for ways in which they can effectively shed those extra kilos. Unlike some of the recent fads that claim to help you shed a lot of weight in a shorter span of time, yoga works more systematically. It eliminates the excess flab from your body over a period of time and therefore keeps you from gaining weight suddenly again. So, if you are looking for a new workout regime, give yoga a shot.


4. Sharpens your mind

Yoga just doesn’t just address your health concerns, it also heals your mind. Yoga calms your mind, improves your concentration and also enhances your memory. All these factors contribute towards a sharper mind, something that is vital for your success and well being.


5. Offers relief from pain

Yoga is an ancient form of physiotherapy. Yes, that’s right! Long before the various exercises were discovered to relieve pain, the rishis and munis up in the mountains practiced yoga to heal injuries. So, if you have a lingering issue like a back pain or a muscle injury that refuses to subside, start yoga. It is important to practice yoga under a trainer for such matters, as incorrect postures can increase your discomfort.


6. Elevates your mood

Like mentioned above, yoga helps you calm down and reduces the stress and anxiety level. Apart from the health benefits, you also get an emotional uplift – your blues are washed away. Yoga is increasingly seen as a natural way to elevate moods and remain positive. So, if you have been feeling a little upset over the last few days or you simply just want to shrug off the blues, try joining a yoga class.


7. Increases your flexibility

Yoga engages all the muscles in your body, thereby healing them and putting them back in a working condition. Yoga is the answer to the stiff back, weight gain or some other health issue that you have been dealing with since a long time now. With yoga an overall healing process will begin and you will find you yourself in a more flexible state very soon. This is among the best health benefits of yoga.

So, as you can see, there are some wonderful health benefits of yoga. So, if you have been thinking about starting a new fitness routine, do consider starting yoga. It will also leave you happy, healthy and fit. Look for a trainer near you or enroll in a yoga class. Do it right away and start enjoying the benefits yoga.

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