Winter Skin Care For Babies

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The crisp chill and slight nip in the air may have well brought a smile to your face, but did you know that winter can play havoc on your baby’s delicate skin? The cold, dry weather robs moisture from your little one’s body which is why it is essential to protect against it, keeping these tips in mind:

Protect against the elements

Dress baby in warm layers and ensure feet, hands and head are well covered. If heading out with baby in the pram, keep the covers up to protect against the cold wind. Do keep in mind that while it’s essential to layer up, don’t go overboard! Babies can also get too hot leading to a nasty outbreak of rash from overheating. If you’re in doubt, stick your hand underneath all the layers and feel baby’s skin – if it feels too hot or sweaty, reduce some of those layers.

Skip hot, stay warm


A nice massage and bath time routine is the perfect way to get your infant to relax and unwind. Do keep in mind though that the bath water isn’t too hot, as hot water tends to dry out the skin even more. Stick to lukewarm water and give baby a quick bath – too much time in the bath water can dry out the skin further.

Lock in moisture

After bathing, don’t be in a hurry to towel off all the water from baby’s skin. Infact, it’s much better to pat the body dry leaving a little moisture on the skin surface. That way when you apply lotion or cream it absorbs into the skin faster and helps lock in moisture.

Watch out for eczema

This itchy, flaky dry skin condition is common in babies and often appears as little bumps or rashes on the body. Stick to a deep moisturising cream or ointment to attack eczema head on before it spreads and gets too uncomfortable for your little one.

Natural is best


Baby’s skin is delicate which is why it’s not a good idea to use the same creams or lotions that adults use on their body. Find natural alternatives like olive oil or coconut oil or mild baby-safe lotions and creams that will not have any adverse reactions. It’s always a good idea to seek medical help if you’re in doubt about what ointments or creams are safe for use on baby’s skin

Use a humidifier

If your house has central heating, it’s a good idea to install a humidifier. The warm, dry air sucks out moisture leaving skin dry and chapped. Using a humidifier will help restore some of that moisture back inside the home.

Stay hydrated

The chilly air may not really make you thirsty but it is important to drink plenty of liquids to prevent dehydration. If you’re still nursing, ensure baby is feeding well – the bonus of breastfeeding means plenty of snuggly, cuddly time with your bundle of joy! If your baby has moved onto other food as well, incorporate lots of healthy soups and warm water or cocoa in the diet.

With these simple tips in mind, we’re sure you and baby will have healthy, happy skin this winter.

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