DIY Awesome Spa Routines to Help You Relax at Home

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Who doesn’t love a little bit of pampering? Especially when you’ve had a manic week juggling work and home chores, battling traffic and managing your little ones! It probably doesn’t leave you with too much time or energy to carve out a full day at the spa. So what if we told you, that you needn’t go far – you can pamper yourself in the luxury of your own home. Here are some easy DIY tricks that’ll leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed

Create the mood

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Having your home feel like a spa isn’t that hard to do – provided you make just a wee bit of effort of create the spa vibe at home. Tell your husband or a family member to watch the kids while you give yourself some alone time in your room. Draw the curtains, light up some scented candles and put on soothing ambient music. Slip into a robe, have a cup of green tea (or champagne if you’re really looking to indulge!) next to you and get started on your home spa routine.

Revitalizing face mask

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Guess what, your kitchen is a treasure trove of delicious stuff for your skin as well. In a blender, blitz together a little yogurt, honey, avocado, strawberries or banana and some aloe vera gel or coconut oil to make a creamy paste. Apply liberally on your face rinse after 20 minutes. Your skin will love you for pampering it this much!

Scrub off those worries

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Nothing quite like a homemade exfoliating scrub to banish that grime and dead skin and leave you feeling squeaky clean again. Mix together one cup each of granular sugar, oatmeal and olive oil and apply in a circular motion on wet skin. Rinse off in the shower and luxuriate in the feel of your soft, silky skin.

Pamper those hands

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They work the hardest around the week – typing furiously on the laptop, picking up toys after the kids, prepping delicious meals for your family – so why not give those hands some TLC. Using a few scoops of regular cold cream, blend it with a banana, a spoon of olive oil and a few drops of an essential oil like lavender or bergamot. Slather all over your hands, fingers and cuticles and then slip on a pair of rubber gloves to let all that creamy goodness really seep in. Putting your gloved hands under a heating pad, melts the oils even further, letting that nourishing goodness deep into your skin.

Feed your feet some love

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Banish cracked heels and dry skin with this gorgeously zesty foot mask that you’ll secretly wish you could eat! Mix half a cup of ground oatmeal with a tablespoon of honey, warm water and olive oil and then season it with a dash of pepper, cinnamon, orange zest and grated ginger. To make this mask even more citrusy, add a few drops of orange or lime essential oil and apply on your feet. To let the moisture soak in even deeper, wrap cling film around your feet and ankles and let it stay on for about 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and then moisturize with your regular cream or lotion. Your feet with feel like brand new!

Have fun with our simple tips to recreate a spa like experience at home. If you’re looking for added pampering, why not book a spa service at home from Urban Company and enjoy your spa session all in the comfort of your own home. Take a look at the pampering experience:

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